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Are You ANGRY?

Be prepared. This is a long one!

I’m ANGRY. I mean ~ really angry! I had a dream of someone who was belittling my view or opinion. No matter what I said in that dream this person just kept coming back with a reason that I was wrong and threatening to be mad at ME because I had my own opinion! How DARE them!

Fast forward. I wake up. I get up. I start my morning routine and I am pissed! By golly, you had NO RIGHT to treat me that way. NOW, do you remember years ago . . . when this person said this? Did that? I felt insignificant and downright stupid? HOLD THE PHONE!

Are you Angry


I was spiraling down a gutter with my thoughts! I stopped and asked the good Lord to help me STOP this! I do NOT want to poison my day with this! So first, I’ve learned to play the “TRUTH” game with myself. You start by using these steps: what is truth? Then I begin my next sentence with:

TRUTH is: THEN ANSWER. Here’s an example:

What is truth? I had a bad dream that reminded me of something in my past that REALLY HURT me. That person degraded me and made me feel worthless. I am mega angry!

TRUTH is: What happened in that dream did not really happen to me.

TRUTH is: I need to figure out HOW to be released from that grudge. The person who, in real life, did me wrong.

TRUTH is: I have to recognize what happened in real life vs that dream.

TRUTH is: I have to find a way to be released from that experience.

See? The body hangs on to things that we back pack and carry for years. Keep adding baggage and your body/life gets HEAVY. Aka: you are angry a lot of the time. You are down and out but you don’t know why. Your energy levels are low. You may even be grumpy when you don’t really have a reason!

Did you know that you cannot separate the physical from the emotional? I have been studying this for years! I have been talking to my clients about it and have even found a good book called “Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils,” by Carolyn L Mein, DC.

Some Emotions are Held in Our Gallbladder

I grabbed my oils and grabbed my book. Questioned and answered the above. I guessed at the emotion of being bitter. I was then led to look up “PAST.” Well, what do you know? It recommends the oil “Forgiveness” and to apply it over the gallbladder! DID you realize the gallbladder stores the unforgiveness in your body? So, by holding on to this and not addressing it in the past years, it has been weighing my gallbladder down? (THAT was a hidden energy sucker!)

Here’s a graphic to help you locate your gallbladder.

Gall Bladder

I was out of the oil “Forgiveness” but the Transformation oil grabbed my attention. So, I applied it over my gallbladder and I prayed. I asked The Lord to help me release this anger. This thing happened years ago and I didn’t want it anymore! I want to feel light and happy! And you know what? It released! I am now able to put it into perspective! It happened. I learned from it. I am aware and can address it if it happens again with anyone!

Here are some other oils that I could have used:

Premium Starter Kit Oils, mixed in equal parts, Frankincense, Lavender and Stress Away: Affirmation:I am Ok. I can let this go

Lemon Essential OilAffirmation: I cleanse this anger from my body”

Oil blends:

ReleaseAffirmation: “Release me from this”

Forgiveness: Affirmation: “Forgive myself for accepting this at the time”

TransformationAffirmation: Transform my mind and life”

Abundance: Affirmation: “Give me an abundance of forgiveness and perspective”

PurificationAffirmation: “Purify me from holding on to these hard memories”

Present TimeAffirmation: I will concentrate on the present and release the past”

Research the gallbladder point on the body and rub a couple drops over it. Concentrate on how it feels when you think of that hard memory. Then breathe in the oil after you’ve applied it and use some of the affirmations above. You’ll know which one is just right for you! You can mix and match as you need.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me! When I do this, it feels as if a hundred pounds have been lifted off my body! What a relief! Then my day goes better and I’m a much happier person!

Free From Anger

Go check out my website www.betterlivinghealthclinic.com or www.yldist.com/sandrawallace

Young Living Feelings Kit

You should go grab yourself a “Feelings Kit” Product #3125 that will include:

  • Harmony™, 5 ml
  • Forgiveness™, 5 ml
  • Inner Child™, 5 ml
  • Present Time™, 5 ml
  • Release™, 5 ml
  • ValorII™, 5 ml

Yep! That’s what I said! Do you feel like going to sleep after you eat your meal? Does your stomach feel like you just ate a bag of rocks? Do you have to jump up & run to the potty right after you eat? Then let me introduce you to your new best friend! Digize!

Your digestive system can absolutely suck the energy out of your muscles and your brain. Making you feel so sluggish & dulling your thinking. That is one of the most miserable feelings that I’ve dealt with. Digestive problems have ran in my family from my mama AND daddy! Guess what?! They were generous & shared that trait with me!! Yay me!!

Did you also know that you can’t separate the physical from emotional? When your digestive system is slow…usually your joy is slow, too. It can make you not only sluggish in your thinking, but sluggish in your emotional health, too. Low & blue. If you notice when you get disappointing news or even upset & you have the tendency of feeling like you just got “hit the gut”? Then using Digize may help with that “sinking” feeling in the pit of your stomach.

You can get Digize here: www.yldist.com/sandrawallace.  It comes in the wholesale Premium Starter kit OR you can order individually! Digize 15ml bottle #3324 or 5ml bottle Digize Vitality #5621


More Shoulder and Neck Support

I am finding as I get older, I’m noticing more aches and creaking! What in the world?! ? I hope it’s not this way for you, but just in case it is, I have some good news!

Last week, I did a blog about Sulfurzyme that you can read about when you click this link: Betterlivinghealthclinic.com/want-shoulder-neck-relief/ Now, I want to expand into some additional support for that neck, back, joint and those shoulders!

Lots of people are interested in knowing: what’s the difference between BLM and Agilease? Two products that “appear” to be approximately for the same thing…but hang on. People are getting fantastic results with either ~ OR BOTH! Danette Goodyear quoted, “You can’t use what you don’t have!” and went on to say that everyone needs ONE or BOTH of these products in your DAILY supplement routine.

Let’s talk about BLM first. BLM stands for bone, ligament and muscle support. It was released about 12 years ago and people RAVE about the relief they get with BLM. This is a nutrient combination for people who have or may have a need for this type of support. (Again, probably everyone reading this!) BLM’s combination includes Type II collagen which is the mesh that is needed for calcium to stick to it to be used by the body! But beware! You have heard of this buzzword in the beauty industry! Women are having shots to help improve their faces! You may have to live with looking better after you take this supplement a while! Can you live with that, too? ?

MSM is an element of Sulphur. (Sulphur is NO Sulfa, so if you can’t take a Sulfa drug because you’re allergic to it, this isn’t even the same category.) MSM is known for helping with movement and more smoothly moving flexibility.

BLM is great for people who workout and want help with the muscle recovery, but actually we all need it more when we’re NOT working out because we’re not telling our bodies to make more of what we need because we’re not demanding it! So, there ya go! Even couch potatoes need it OR in all fairness~ when you CAN NOT get out and exercise like you want.

As a testimonial, my husband drives a truck and on a recent trip, he was wiggling and cringing at the same time. Very uncomfortable. I asked, “Are you needing a couple BLM capsules?” He replied, “Yep. Think I do!” In a few minutes after taking a couple, he settled down and was SO much more comfortable. Needless to say we carry these with us all the time now.

Check out the essential oils that are added to this supplement to help with your body being about to absorb and take into your cells for better cooperation of the nutrients! Balsam Fir, Wintergreen and Clove. Research! I’d be here all day and all night giving you the benefits!


Now, we’ll review a little about Agilease. Gary Young, who was key to formulating this next supplement gave a little description about it: BLM on steroids! Haha But, let me clarify again, different people are getting different~ but good results from both! BIG GAME CHANGER HERE! Frankincense! I can’t begin to tell you all the different health benefits of Frankincense! You’ll have to Google it or look on pub med for all the ways this is being used in different countries around the world to change people’s health! (Go figure, I’m not allowed to tell you…rollin’ my eyes about now…)

Side note: Young Living’s Frankincense is THE ONLY source of Frankincense distilled with pure water! From the original sources from all the way back in Biblical times! Oh man. Think a little on that one? What’s the alternative? Chemicals? Yuck.

Moving on, here’s a few more ingredients that you need to research: turmeric. Been hearing a LOT about that one in the news, right? Hyaluronic acid. It’s necessary for the lubricant of joints. The end of your bones secrete fluid to keep them moisturized and moving smoothly. Also, influences the thickness of that fluid.

Added collagen! NOT the cheap kind! We use the MOST bioactive collagen in the world. It’s why Gary chose this kind, because of the results in our body. (Remember the beautiful side affects?) Give me MORE collagen! Haha

Then the added clove, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Copaiba, Wintergreen… GRAB your reference book! These are some POWERFUL oils!



You can see on the labels that the suggested doses are printed, but these are therapeutic dosing. I have known people to use up to 12 BLM a day when an injury strikes. Or 2 Agilease three times a day. You’ll find your sweet spot when you experience the results.

Here’s a little tip: Commit to 3 months of taking your supplements. Sometimes our bodies are so depleted that it’s starving for nutrients and your bones, ligaments and muscles need time to repair!

Here’s just one of my reasons for wanting to keep strong bones and muscles. ?


What’s your reason for needing to stay healthy?



Want Shoulder & Neck Relief?

This stuff. Game changer for me. I tend to not be able to move my neck as freely as I did when I was younger! (Go figure?) I have noticed that I was getting stiffer & more uncomfortable in my neck & shoulders? What in the world is going on? Then I found out about a super hero product that has made all the difference for me! Sulfurzyme.


This is what it has helped me with: my neck turns in BOTH directions, my shoulders are not stiff & drawing to my ears, my mind is clearer, I have more energy, my joints feel looser (in a good way! ? ) and my hair & nails grow like crazy! I am a much better person when I take my Sulfurzyme! I can tell when I’m out! IN A BIG way! Therefore, I try to stock up on it. I NEVER want to be without it.

Let me clarify something! Sulphur is NOT the same thing as Sulfa. Sulphur is a mineral that so many of us are lacking because of our depleted food supply. Sulfa is a whole different ballgame. It’s a drug. Let me repeat. Sulphur is a natural occurring mineral and Sulfa is a chemical. So, if you’re allergic to Sulfa, you don’t have to worry about Sulphur.

So, why does it work? It’s a concentrated version of MSM. That’s the buzz word now. From what I’ve studied, it revealed that most toxins are made of fat. Sulfurzyme makes the fat more water soluble so that we can flush those toxins out of our cells, joints and tissues which is why we get so much relief in our bodies!

My mama had years of neck, shoulder, muscle & back misery that was super sensitive to the weather patterns. She was so sensitive and how I wish I had known about this while she was living! I believe this would have made her life so different than the way she had to live. The good news is that I can share this with all of you, so you can start using this  and sharing it with others!

Sulfurzyme comes in two different forms from Young Living. Capsules (#3243) or Powder (#3241). Personally, the powder is MY FAVORITE! I put 1 to 2 teaspoons in about 4 to 6 oz of water & chug. It tastes a little chalky but I crave it! The powder has a prebiotic included in it, which I can really tell helps balance my digestion, too!

For those of you who would rather take a capsule than a powder,  there are 300 capsules in this bottle of Sulfurzyme.

You can get these amazing products WHOLESALE! Check out my website by clicking https://yldist.com/sandrawallace or www.betterlivinghealthclinic.com

Also, connect with me on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/sandra.g.wallace

If you’d like to be added to my 30 day Introduction to Essential Oils email class, then add your email address on this page under 101 Class https://yldist.com/sandrawallace You don’t even have to be a member to take this class!


Need to Lose Some Gray?

This has turned out to be one of the handiest tips I’ve learned so far! I’m about to share something that will rescue you in last minute situations~ right before running out the door! I have 6 steps to covering gray-naturally!

First let’s start with some questions: do you color your hair? Yes, I understand it’s different strokes for different folks. People fall on either side of the debate. Mine personally is that I dump every chemical that I can, out of my life~ but I just NEED my hair not to be white. Vanity. Vanity. All is vanity! So, I get my hair “did”.

Moving forward. Have you ever just woke up one morning, looked in the mirror & was just shocked! It seemed like overnight your roots started showing. I look like a skunk with that white streak running down the center! This happened to me the other morning while we were out on the road. We had stayed in a hotel, shampooed my hair the night before, got up the next morning & it was OBVIOUS! My skunk streak! Glistening, glowing like a neon sign! Ugh. “What in the world am I going to do?” I asked myself. Then a lightbulb went off in my head…what about some of the Savvy Minerals? Would anything in my bag work for this?

Gray RootsI searched frantically through my bag & had an “AH HAH” moment! Sheer Minerals MULTITASKER! I was a little skeptical at first, because it looked so dark, but then remembered how it seems that most of the Savvy colors seem to “morph” to whatever or whomever they’re applied to.

Savvy Minerals is a natural mineral makeup that I get through my Young Living account & now they have a cool starter kit now with everything you need to get you rollin’! I’ll drop a link later so you can get one.

Savvy Minerals Multitasker

I searched frantically through my bag & had an “AH HAH” moment! Sheer Minerals MULTITASKER! I was a little skeptical at first, because it looked so dark, but then remembered how it seems that most of the Savvy colors seem to “morph” to whatever or whomever they’re applied to.

Savvy Minerals is a natural mineral makeup that I get through my Young Living account & now they have a cool starter kit now with everything you need to get you rollin’! I’ll drop a link later so you can get one.

  • Tap a little of your multitasker into the lid
  • Take a small brush ~ I used an eyeshadow brush
  • Lightly dip your eyeshadow brush into the multitasker & tap off the excess.
  • Proceed to “paint” your roots with light strokes until covered
  • Take your fingers & fluff & rub until the tasker is evenly distributed
  • If you have dark spots, take a cotton swab & give it a rub

I was so shocked that this really worked! It was really bugging me that my streak was SO WHILE. It made me feel like it was going to glow in the dark! But this was a healthy, quick & handy fix on the road.

Here’s the afters & you can see how well it blended in. The cool thing is…it has lasted until I had to shampoo the next time. If anything started to get light, I’d just have to touch it up a little bit~ which for me was around my temples & ears because I run my fingers through my hair in those areas quite a lot! Must be a habit, because I never noticed it before! Haha

Getting older can sure cause some more maintenance work to do, but I’m so happy that I have natural tools to work with. It makes me feel so much better because I can use things that aren’t going to hinder and confuse my hormones more than they already are at this age! Just get rid of what I can & clean what I can’t avoid.

Oh yeah! Here’s the link to the Savvy Minerals Premium Starter kit if you want to go down the same road I’m traveling!

Click on this link https://yldist.com/sandrawallace/cosmetics & go for it! Trust me. It’s never too late to start improving your life & health!

( PS. Common misconception~ NO. YOU DO NOT have to order every month with this company. Order what you want~ when you want).

Enjoy life more!

Sandra G Wallace


When you Can’t Explain why you Feel Bad

Hey guys!
Long time no see. LIFE HAS BEEN BUSY! Start out with some fun news! Gonna have a BRAND NEW grandbaby GIRL any day now!! This is exciting. Her name will be Brinlee Sage. I can’t wait to meet her. 🙂 Hug & kiss her. 🙂 … I could go on. Ha!


So, let’s get down to business! DO you feel bad a lot? Do you feel “blue” & can’t explain why? Do you have unexplained yuckiness or stiffness in your body? Do you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders & really don’t understand why? Have you practically tried everything & can’t figure out why NOTHING helps?

It could be that you have emotions STUCK in your body somewhere! WHAT? Get outta here~you say! Yep! That’s right. You can have emotions stuck in organs, muscles or joints. They can manifest physically.

For instance, take a moment & go to your “ugly” place. You know where that is….that place where you think about a certain person or event that makes your blood boil. OR maybe even your stomach hurt when you think about how someone has hurt your feelings. OR I also have had someone who relived an accident over & over. Wonder why you can’t get any relief? Could be that you have stuck emotions! Trapped!

How in the world can I help myself when I’ve been trying to get past “this” for years & can’t! Believe me. I KNOW exactly what you’re feeling. I’ve been having to use this blend for over a month just working through some emotional baggage that I’ve discovered that has been holding me back! It has helped me release loads of junk! I can breathe better. Sleep better. My neck is turning now without the struggle! My muscle under my shoulder blade has gotten soft! That’s been there for YEARS!

I did this technique with a great group of women on a retreat & they were crying (good cry) from releasing emotional baggage they carrying. Getting relief from a shoulder that had been bothering a lady.  One girl realized that she had issues with feeling “unworthy” of sharing her business with others. GONE! One girl was buried in grief and another hadn’t cried in ages! Just locked up emotionally.It was a wonderful time for us all to get insights into things that are affecting us in sneaky ways & holding us back from what God wants us to be! For example~ guilt, unworthiness, unforgiveness, bitterness or just plain ‘ole hurt!

NOW. I have a video for you to watch below. I tend to get a little “long winded” but it will be worth a BILLON to release some baggage!

Along with this, a good, reputable counselor is a great help, too. I know of a great one that will help you for a “donation” that will be split with his church. If you need his name & number, just reply to this email & I’ll provide.

NOTE: YOU KNOW that I only endorse Young Living Essential Oils. I don’t use “junk” or contaminated oils. I’ve visited their farms in the US & the honesty of this company just makes me want to cry with gratitude sometimes. If you don’t have any Young Living oils, I would LOVE to help you get yours! https://www.youngliving.org/sandragwallace  & I can show you how to get yours at 24% off!

HERE is your video to demonstrate how to perform Emotional Freedom Technique!

Homemade Trauma Blend from Sandra G Wallace on Vimeo.

Here’s my FAVORITE “Homemade Trauma Blend”: Equal parts of Lavender, Frankincense & Stressaway. All of these are included with your starter kit.

I hope this technique helps you as much as it’s helped me!

Sandra Wallace, DHom, Master NES Practitioner


How to get your Balance Back After Stress

How to get your balance back after stress seems to be a problem for many people! Have you ever  felt like something is just not “right” after you’ve experienced a big stress in your life? Wondered how you were going to get your balance back after a stressful situation that just hit like an unexpected hurricane?

I hear it all the time in my office! I have person after person saying, “I have been to doctors & everyone has told me there is nothing wrong with me. I just KNOW that something’s not right.”

Let me oversimplify how our immune system communicates. Every system & organ operates from it’s own preferred frequency. Kind of like different radio stations! So when you experience any kind of stress~whether it is physical (viral, bacterial, injury or surgery) or emotional (relationships, financial, death of a loved one). They are ALL considered a SHOCK & can knock your radio off its stations.  The body hasn’t always been called a “fine tuned machine for nothing!

When your body has been knocked off its stations, it can be referred to as “static”. Remember the old radios with the dials? How we had to barely turn & turn until the station came in clearly? (Now, I’m telling my age!) It was a very small area that would tune it in so that we could hear our music! It’s the same with the human body.

Let’s watch the video:

The video preview may look striped, but it will play!

sandra video

If you would like to schedule your appointment for your Immune System Scan then

email  at : sandrawallaceoils@gmail.com OR

Message me on FacebookFacebook icon

and we’ll set up an appointment for you & your family. If you live too far away, then we’ll arrange a distance scan with a hair sample.

We want to start right away so you can feel better sooner!



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I Didn’t Make a Million Bucks!

Thieves screen


I didn’t make a million bucks! Then again, I didn’t expect to all at once.

People think that network marketing is supposed to be a magical journey that, in the first few months, will raise you up on the swelling waves of the ocean until it crests & you touch the sky! That’s how most MLM’s  (multi-level marketing) will promote themselves & in all actuality, it DOES happen with some people!

For Example:
Monique McLean- Royal Crown Diamond in approx. 18 months
Lindsey Moreno- Royal Crown Diamond in Approx. 18 month
Sarah Harnish- Platinum 16 months
Alyssa Francis- Royal Crown Diamond in approx. 3 years

THIS IS JUST for a few! Now, most of the RC Diamonds are 6 figure incomes! This is amazing! AND IT’S SO realistic to accomplish! But, that just hasn’t been my journey.

Let me tell you a little about my journey with Young Living:

My mistake was that I was a smaller thinker at the beginning. I fought my friend, Mary, tooth & nail NOT to do this as a business. I didn’t want the headache of keeping up with something “else”. I just wanted to get my oils & be left alone! AND I COULD DO THAT with this company! “Order what you want, when you want wholesale membership. Order $50 a YEAR to keep my discount!” I could do that. That’s ALL I wanted to do! 🙂

Long story made short: I got VERY sick with the Shingles on my side/back. I was in excruciating pain and can only compare it to last stages childbirth! (Yes. It was THAT bad.) I was rocking on my hands & knees, sobbing. Mary & my daughter, Amelia, used several essential oils with a poultice on the area & within 30 minutes I could lie down and go to sleep. The next evening, even though I was still in some pain, I returned to Bible School & finished out the week. (They weren’t contagious at the point we stopped them!) I’ve since heard , that to be able to be up and going is a miracle in itself!

Hence, starts my business adventure! I started telling people my story. Repeat: MY STORY. And they ASKED ME how to get a kit. HOW to use the oils and HOW SOON could they get it? I realized that the decision had been made for me! I had NO CHOICE unless I decided I didn’t want to tell people. Keep them to myself & let someone else reap the blessings….and blessings they have been to my family, clients & myself!

How long have I been doing this as a business? 3 ½ years.

What rank have I accomplished? Silver (this is right below Platinum that Sarah Harnish conquered in 16 months!) Mine is a 4 figure income!  It’s not my “Million Bucks” but I’ll sure take it & put it to good use!
My point is: that everyone can’t do it in a few months. Most people start out as just consumers of the products. Supplements, shakes, energy drinks & of course, the oils. Sometimes, like me, it takes a few months to REALIZE what a tool we have in our cabinets & purses! Haha!  Sometimes, it just takes that long for God to make us realize that He’s already placed the ingredients for our success for health & income right in front of us. SOME of us take just a LITTLE LONGER to get the message! ME, for example!crown

My plans for using Young Living as my retirement income hasn’t dimmed. I know that if I live 5, 10 , 20 or 30 more years, I am building something for my family to use for as long as Young Living is in business. (They’ve been in business for 20+ years! Being such a grounded, stable company ~growing a HUGE amount of our own plants to sustain our supply on OUR farms!) Yep. I’d say that my children & grandchildren will have some Young Living coming in without me necessarily being present. 🙂  I want to pass these years with sweet memories & lessons of working hard to provide for them, perseverance to keep adding a raise each year to my income in order to continue to have supplies for our good health! HEY! I’m gonna spend my time doing “something”, so I want it to be profitable for MANY people!

SLOW & STEADY. Sharing with one person at a time. Letting my family & life change as it needs to.
That turtle got across the finish line. AND WON. Mine isn’t a finish line, though. It’s a GOAL line! “Steady as she goes!” for me.

If you are a slow & steady kind of person ~ or you just want to try out Young Living… we’ll take our journey together! I can help you with that. If you’re a “ride the ocean waves to the sky” kind of person? I & my support team will help you with that, too! I’ll just get in the boat & ride with you! haha

Let’s get started! Click here!


Give your Health a Boost. Plan your Vacation!

What? WebMD is saying that you can give your health a boost! Now what? Plan a vacation!

ship family

WebMD: “Get away, often. It’s a fact: People who take vacations have lower stress, less risk of heart disease, a better outlook on life, and more motivation to achieve goals.
It doesn’t have to be 2 weeks in Europe, either. Just 24 hours away, and you’ll reap the benefits.
Even better, the biggest boost in happiness comes from planning the vacation. You can feel the effects up to 8 weeks before your trip. And when you’re done with that retreat, start planning the next one. Simply having something to look forward to can be rewarding.”

My hubby & I took a vacation to Tybee Island this past summer! What’s the big deal you asked? We realized on the way down, that it was the first one in 33 years of marriage that we had a vacation without any children since our honeymoon! Can you believe that?!! We were as shocked as you are!

tybee brian & sandra tybee island

Just that trip to Tybee Island, Georgia inspired us to both become travel agents! Now, we can work together on vacation plans for ourselves & you!

We have a portal where you can shop around for yourself or I have some special magic I can weave to come up with just what you had in mind~with just the right amount of a personal touch to help you come up with your dream vacation! Want to go to the mountains? Take a cruise with all the meals included~why we can prepay even your gratuities for the staff! Need a shuttle from the airport to your resort or help you rent a car!

ship cruise

Hit this link RIGHT NOW to get started planning your dream vacation!


If you want to send us a list of what you’d like to have in your dream vacation, then email us today at travelwithwallace@gmail.com with your “dream list” of vacation goodies & allow us to design your getaway package!

If you’re on Facebook, I’d love to connect with you there! Click here: Sandra G Wallace