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When you Can’t Explain why you Feel Bad

Hey guys!
Long time no see. LIFE HAS BEEN BUSY! Start out with some fun news! Gonna have a BRAND NEW grandbaby GIRL any day now!! This is exciting. Her name will be Brinlee Sage. I can’t wait to meet her. 🙂 Hug & kiss her. 🙂 … I could go on. Ha!


So, let’s get down to business! DO you feel bad a lot? Do you feel “blue” & can’t explain why? Do you have unexplained yuckiness or stiffness in your body? Do you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders & really don’t understand why? Have you practically tried everything & can’t figure out why NOTHING helps?

It could be that you have emotions STUCK in your body somewhere! WHAT? Get outta here~you say! Yep! That’s right. You can have emotions stuck in organs, muscles or joints. They can manifest physically.

For instance, take a moment & go to your “ugly” place. You know where that is….that place where you think about a certain person or event that makes your blood boil. OR maybe even your stomach hurt when you think about how someone has hurt your feelings. OR I also have had someone who relived an accident over & over. Wonder why you can’t get any relief? Could be that you have stuck emotions! Trapped!

How in the world can I help myself when I’ve been trying to get past “this” for years & can’t! Believe me. I KNOW exactly what you’re feeling. I’ve been having to use this blend for over a month just working through some emotional baggage that I’ve discovered that has been holding me back! It has helped me release loads of junk! I can breathe better. Sleep better. My neck is turning now without the struggle! My muscle under my shoulder blade has gotten soft! That’s been there for YEARS!

I did this technique with a great group of women on a retreat & they were crying (good cry) from releasing emotional baggage they carrying. Getting relief from a shoulder that had been bothering a lady.  One girl realized that she had issues with feeling “unworthy” of sharing her business with others. GONE! One girl was buried in grief and another hadn’t cried in ages! Just locked up emotionally.It was a wonderful time for us all to get insights into things that are affecting us in sneaky ways & holding us back from what God wants us to be! For example~ guilt, unworthiness, unforgiveness, bitterness or just plain ‘ole hurt!

NOW. I have a video for you to watch below. I tend to get a little “long winded” but it will be worth a BILLON to release some baggage!

Along with this, a good, reputable counselor is a great help, too. I know of a great one that will help you for a “donation” that will be split with his church. If you need his name & number, just reply to this email & I’ll provide.

NOTE: YOU KNOW that I only endorse Young Living Essential Oils. I don’t use “junk” or contaminated oils. I’ve visited their farms in the US & the honesty of this company just makes me want to cry with gratitude sometimes. If you don’t have any Young Living oils, I would LOVE to help you get yours! https://www.youngliving.org/sandragwallace  & I can show you how to get yours at 24% off!

HERE is your video to demonstrate how to perform Emotional Freedom Technique!

Homemade Trauma Blend from Sandra G Wallace on Vimeo.

Here’s my FAVORITE “Homemade Trauma Blend”: Equal parts of Lavender, Frankincense & Stressaway. All of these are included with your starter kit.

I hope this technique helps you as much as it’s helped me!

Sandra Wallace, DHom, Master NES Practitioner

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