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The Emotion & Illness Connection, Con’t

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Last week, I did a blog post about the connection between the "Siamese Twins" of emotions & physical illnesses. If you didn't get to read that one & see the chart, then you can review that here: http://betterlivinghealthclinic.com/emotions-illnesses/  Now, we'll explore the emotion & illness connection, con't!

So many times, I have clients who come into my office, who can't seem to figure out why they can't get "well". They've tried so many things & are discouraged about why they make no progress. Once, we determine the emotions that go along with the particular physical problem that they're having, it sometimes amazes me how quickly they make a turn for the better!.

This information is SO valuable because, there are times, when you understand the connection, it will help you to have more grace & patience with the person (if it isn't yourself) that can't seem to get well, They may be in denial or they may not recognize it! If they don't recognize it, then it would be a good idea to get a scan. You can read about distance scanning if you can't come in person: http://betterlivinghealthclinic.com/hair-analysis/  

**In the following video, I didn't realize the wind was blowing in the mic, but if you'll listen past the first minute or two, it gets a lot better.

Connections between Emotions Illnesses from Sandra G Wallace on Vimeo.

This is when I began so much of my healing. When the scan would show a certain emotion, then I would take the time to STOP & think about what in my life would have caused that emotion to show up~& acknowledge it, then deal with it in a positive way.  I personally use talking time with God & my essential oils.

My desire is that someone can find freedom & relief from a burden that may have been haunting you for a long time. Freedom from any stored emotion that is slowing down your immune system.

If anyone would like for me to pray for you, email me at betterliving@yadtel.net.


May you have some relief!


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