Hair Analysis


“If You Can’t Get to Me… Send a Hair Sample by Mail!”

Many people need help and just can’t travel the distance. Because I’m a natural healthcare practitioner I still want to help as many people as I possibly can. I have a solution.
Hair samples!
It’s information is delayed ONLY by the time it takes to get the sample to me! It’s the next best thing to being there and getting the reading that very second. I explain to people, “It’s more than 95% of people are doing to correct their immune systems!”
Here is a video tour of the NES System:
This video is a little off timing but it still explains.

Tour of a NES Immune Scan from Sandra G Wallace on Vimeo.


Hair analysis directions:

1) A small snip of hair, preferably close to the head. (There are still electrons, protons and neutrons in your hair!) Just enough that it can be seen by the naked eye put in a baggie (any size). (See the video below.)

2) Place into an envelope & mail to:
Better Living Health Clinic, PO Box 165, Harmony, NC 28634

3) Hit the PayPal button below to pay for the analysis.

4) Once the analysis is finished, within 2 weeks I then will email email the reports to you with a voice recorded link of the results & the suggested drops that the system indicated that would help restore the energy specifically for you.

5) We then decide how fast you’d like to proceed. I work with your budget. There’s no pressure. YOU decide how fast you want to proceed.


** For people who aren’t able for reasons of weakness or distance to come to the office. Hair analysis is a wonderful alternative.


Let’s get started!



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What you will receive:

1) Hair analysis measuring the communication of the immune system energy & identifying any blockages in information flow. (Aka: Blocked information usually = sickness).

2) Email of results of analysis of YOUR immune system.

3) A recorded interpretation of your results about your immune system.

4) You email me back with your decision of bottles.

5) You will then receive an invoice with your total for your bottles with instructions on how to take them!

Watch how to send your hair sample!

Looking forward to getting you started on your road to “Better Living!”