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Heavenly Gaits Equines And Canines For Better Living

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Are you struggling on where to start when it comes to using essential oils for horses or dogs?


Like you, I would do anything to make sure that my horses, dogs and other animals are well cared for…and whenever possible, with natural products that won't cause harmful side effects for them.  Products that help put the power of choice back into my hands when it comes to the health and safety of my animals.  Young Living essential oils have done that for us.  I like to refer to them as nature's pharmacy.  Essential oils have been used for thousands and thousands of years in healing across many continents and cultures.  But where to start!!

It can be overwhelming trying to make heads or tails of the wealth of information (sometimes conflicting) on using essential oils for ourselves, let alone for our animals! 

This is why my good friend and fellow Young Living team mate Lisa Carter of Heavenly Gaits Equine Massage and I have created this private, members only Inner Circle.  Heavenly Gaits Equines And Canines For Better Living will focus each month on a specific topic related to using essential oils for natural horse and/or dog care.  Join us as we explore the wonderful and powerful benefits essential oils can bring to our equine and canine charges.

Who Are We?


I am a mom of 6 children – 5 girls and 1 boy! I  homeschool and have had a poultry farm for 30 years. We have "about" 10 cats (They KEEP multiplying & more keep showing up!) 4 dogs & 3 horses of our own!  Now, we're transitioning our farm into raising calves.  I am a natural healthcare practitioner and have been seeing clients for almost a decade! Both human and animal. My first diploma is in Clinical Homeopathy and specializing in NES Health, which I am now a Master NES practitioner. I started using Young Living Essential Oils almost 2 years ago. I've completed the Intensive Raindrop Class and am in the process of becoming a Certified CARE Instructor. I have an array of certifications including Bioenergetic O-Ring testing and also have  incorporated Kinesiology with my  clients, as well as also using the Advanced Zyto scanner in my office. I also do distance scanning. But with all of this, essential oils are still my #1 PASSION, and I use them on my family, friends & clients!

We'll cover topics like insect control, digestion, hoof and skin issues, pain relief and much more through weekly video tutorials, articles and documents relative to the subject, group interaction and a monthly live webcast.

This training group requires a Facebook account to participate, as it will be run in a private Facebook group where we can interact, ask questions and share our experiences.



I am honored to be working with Lisa Carter! She has an amazing wealth of knowledge with animals! Her particular expertise and passion is natural horse care and how to use essential oils for animals. She has quite the managerie – horses, dogs, cats, sheep, and a guinea pig – not to mention her teenage daughter & husband :-) She's an avid student of Parelli Natural Horsemanship and have been an equine bodyworker since 2006, with multiple certifications from several different equine bodywork schools. In addition, she has had the great honor to observe and study with natural hoof care practitioners, natural equine dentists, chiropractors and acupuncturists along the way who have been kind enough to share their knowledge as it relates to the "whole horse" healing philosophy. In 2010, she started work as a small animal vet tech with my local veterinary clinic, at which I worked for several years. And finally, the missing piece to my natural horse care puzzle – she completed Dr. Melissa Shelton's Animals & Oils Intensive Training Course in 2013. She's been using Young Living essential oils for all of my animals with great success ever since. Lisa's quote for you all: "And I'm totally psyched about helping others achieve those same successes using essential oils!"

What you'll get in this Inner Circle:

  • Access to our Secret Facebook group
  • PDF reference document covering our topic of the month
  • A monthly live webcast
  • Weekly video training
  • Support of experienced essential oil users in a private group setting where you can ask questions and interact with other like-minded group members

So how do you get in?

There are two (2) ways you can get into this exclusive Inner Circle training group…

  1. If you are already a member of Lisa Carter's or Sandra Wallace's Young Living downline and you have an Essential Rewards order of 50 PV or more each month, access to the group is FREE!  Simply fill out the registration form below.
  2. Otherwise, you can join the group through a paid membership of $47/month*.  Your membership will be billed automatically each month until you cancel it.

You can get in on INNER CIRCLE for $37! That's a $10 SAVINGS EVERY MONTH! 

Get  Started  TODAY!

$37 Per Month



Our 2014/2015 Topic Lineup

Insect Repelling Essential Oils                                                                 

  • Essential Oils For Digestive Health
  • First Aid Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils For Bone Health
  • Essential Oils For Respiratory Health
  • Emotional Use Of Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils And Geriatrics
  • Essential Oils For Parasite Control
  • Essential Oils And Babies
  • Essential Oils For Healthy Hooves
  • Allergy Essential Oils
  • Raindrop Technique
  • Essential Oils For Laminitis/Founder
  • Essential Oils For Pain Relief
  • Essential Oils For Skin Health
  • Essential Oils For Wound Care
  • Frankincense, The Holy Oil

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Registration Open!!

* – Please note this is NOT a 30-day program.  Your payment allows you access to the group for one month from the date of your payment.  So if you joined the group on the 15th of the month, your membership will continue through the 14th of the following month.