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How the French Women Stay Slim?

I just read an article on one of my favorite Facebook pages and a great blog to follow. Check out “My French Country Home” here on Facebook.  She has wonderful pics of France, decor and recipes!

Just read one of her blog posts called “French Women preparing for Spring”!  She went into detail of how the French eat and live.  BUT most importantly …How do they stay so slender?  One of the main ways is to always stay in motion.  Eat in moderation. AND DRINK WATER!!!!!!  Sharon Santoni writes about how the French women prepare for the season of “less” clothes besides keeping in motion … Quote: “Next they are drinking water, aqua, de l’eau!  Lots of it, for a couple of weeks they  forget about wine, champagne etc and drink a couple more glasses of water a day than they would normally.”

Next on the agenda? Sharon says” Then of course their food,  SIGH …. French women and their food, it is fascinating to see them surrounded by so many great things to eat and still stay slim.  It’s no secret , they hold back!  They are reasonable, a little of everything, moderation, and avoid the carbs and the desserts!  Three well balanced meals a day, no snacking, plenty of vegetables and light protein.  I see it everyday, French women take their time over meals, they don’t skip meals, but that doesn’t mean they eat a lot. ”

I loved reading this blog post!  It’s reasonable and it takes very little to modify our habits!  If you’d like to read Sharon’s article in full then hope on over to: http://www.myfrenchcountryhome.blogspot.com/2012/01/french-women-preparing-for-spring.html

This small change in our habits PLUS Teresa Tapp’s: 15 minute Basic Plus @ http://betterlivinghealthclinic.com/?page_id=111  can help you lose 2 dress sizes in TWO WEEKS!!!   FIFTEEN MINUTES GIRLS!!!    The lymphatic and hormone balancing of Ttapp AND the French women’s concept of getting ready for bathing suit season is a combination of easy and almost instant results!

How badly do you want to look good?!  Change a couple small things and … GO AHEAD!  LOOK GOOD!

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