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How to get your oils for the First Time


I have several pages of how to use your oils up on my website…but I realized that  I didn’t have a starting point!


Q:What is a member?

A: A member is someone who signs up with Young Living to receive a 24% discount on all your oils?


Q: Do I have to sell anything because it says “distributor”?

A: NO. A resounding NO! You may order what you want-when you want-as much as you want for you and YOU ONLY.


Q:Is there a catch to this?

A: Yes. You have to order $50 worth A YEAR to stay active! That’s right. I said $50 a YEAR!


Q: What all comes in the kit?



Q: What’s the catch with the FREE Diffuser?

A: There is NONE! You get all TEN bottles: Peppermint, Lavender, , Frankincense, Thieves, Lemon, Panaway, Tea Tree, Copaiba, Citrus Fresh , Digize AND  Stressaway!  All in 5 ml size! Your Home Diffuser (The diffuser itself is a $98 value!) PLUS a free 5ml bottle of Stress Away! All for ONLY $150.  A value of $248.00!



Q: When others start asking for my oils, can I order for them?

A: Absolutely! That will help them out, as well as YOU!


Q: Do I have to order every month?

A: NO. ONLY if you want to save another 10%-25% more on your products over the 24% you’re already saving. Stress away

(Your’s will be the 5ml bottle.)


Q: Do I get any training with these oils?

A: YES! WE have calls, private Facebook pages, newsletters, etc. To get you to using your oils successfully RIGHT away!


Q: How can I order Retail & not bother with the savings?

A: Go HERE https://yldist.com/sandrawallace& just sign in as a “Customer” & order until your heart’s conte


Q: How do I become a member & get my discount?

A: Click HERE & choose “Membership” tab & then click become wholesale member! 


I sure look forward to helping you learn about the “power” of essential oils. HURRY! I want to add you to the learning group!