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I almost choked to death!

Ever heard that from someone? Why can you eat at one resturant and then eat the same exact food at another and feel as if you’re choking? That is your immune system’s “Protection-Operation Shut Down” switch!

Photo credit: http://thepioneerwoman.com/

My daddy LOVED homemade cornbread. Cornbread and pintos. One of his favorite “suppers” (as we say in The South). I also remember watching him immediately stop eating and stare at the table and then get up and walk out of the house. He was choked. It’s your throat slowing squeezing closed to try and keep from putting any more of that into your body. Scarey-but cool. Cool that our bodies have been designed to protect us as well as we let it. And scarey, because we sometimes don’t listen or don’t KNOW to listen!

It probably wasn’t the corn itself. But “tagalongs”. Tagalongs are fungacides, pesticides, fertilizers,etc. that were absorbed by the cornstalk and then passed on to the kernels! YUM! Corn chips, tortilla chips, wraps and meat! “But we didn’t spray our corn at all!” I know. It was in the ground or it was treated seed. For those of you who have planted gardens, then you know about the “pink” hands after you’ve planted corn from the feed store or garden center. Who thinks of that? I do. Now that I understand how it can cause distortions in the “telephone” wires of the immune system.

It’s better to eat organic when you can. If you can’t, you need to work on preparing your system to take care of organizing some of these tagalongs to be able to process them energetically out of your system!

Better Living to you!

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