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Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Technique


(For fulfilling all the rules & regulations that I know of and a lot that I don’t know of, PLEASE insert the words “may or might” into any information that you read on this page, including my whole website for the sake of our laws & government.)

A Procedure of applying essential oils to the feet, back & spine.


An aspect of adaptation of Oriental acupuncture, acupressure & reflexology;


Using 9 different essential oils


Vitaplex is incorporated by the gentle pressing & rolling of the practitioner’s fingertips upon the receiver’s specific meridians or reflex points on the body.

raindrop technique oils

What is Raindrop?

Raindrop is a combination of adaptions of oriental acupressure, reflexology, therapeutic grade essential oils . (The techniques of Raindrop performed with non therapeutic grade oils (food or perfume grade) is NOT a true representiation of the method.

*How long does one last?

Approximately 1 hour

*How many oils are used?

7 Single oils plus 2 essential oil blends.

*What should it do for me?

It may leave you feeling more relaxed, less pain & different ailments much improved!

*Why do you use only Young Living Therapeutic oils?

raindrop Technique Because I have to KNOW that the oils that I use on my clients are therapeutic/medicinal grade. These oils are even frozen in the last stage of distillation to remove even the left over water.

YL owns many of its own farms & EXTREME care is given to have all humanly possible impurities removed.        



*Pure therapeutic grade essential oils  are the life giving properties that are distilled from plants, (including their respective parts leaves, stems, roots, flowers, fruit, etc.) natural chemical molecules left in tact, is an absolute necessity to produce the desired results after distillation.

*Therapeutic grade essential oils  have been scientifically proven to have the ability to scrub cells & “de-program” bad information, “re-program” good information, scrub the receptor sites (the lock that only your key can fit  into) for correct  information  for the immune system to have the ability to communicate!

Example: Sickness is confused cells.

I want my clients to feel better. So I chose the products that I do

For You.

 This is why I am so “picky”!

I have no desire to waste your time & money by using inferior products!

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     Advantages of membership:

24% discount on oils (up to 44%)

  • You have oils on hand for emergencies

  • Your kit will last 7-10 sessions.

The prices below with Kits included will be available for other members of your family. In other words, your family can share the kit & technique prices. These are suggested donations.

1 hour Raindrop Technique (no membership)



1 hour Raindrop

Non-member who purchases Raindrop Kit thru me Retail


1 hour Raindrop

Membership in Young Living already in my group








If you'd like to purchase your Raindrop Kit with DVD you may purchase Retail OR Wholesale as a member.

Here's you kit! Click HERE