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Ningxia Red. Not just a juice.

Ningxia Red is not just an ordinary mixture of juices. So what is it?


“A wolfberry elixir that promotes longevity was passed to an elderly man…who lived for over a hundred years. This man could walk extremely fast as if he was flying and his gray hair turned black again. The herb can be taken often to eliminate excessive heat in the body and will also improve vision" Li Shiz Hen, a Chinese Physician 1593 A.D


Ningxia Red is an amazing recipe of juices & Young Living Essential Oils to nourish your cells & immune system with a boost of energy! This combination of ingredients make the cell’s environment favorable for the liver (which is known for its ability to regenerate & make itself new) & your kidneys (which are quite famous for cleansing your blood). These are called “downloads”. The body uses these downloads to remove toxins, chemicals such as preservatives, additives, excess sugar & general “junk” out of your body! Things that have stored up in there for years or even what you ate & drank last night. If the house is full of trash, it needs to be carried out!



Did you know, that you would have to drink QUARTS of other juices to equal ONE OUNCE of Ningxia Red to reap the repairing ability & health benefits? QUARTS! This makes Ningxia Red a bargain alone!

 For a detailed product sheet on Ningxia Red, click here:http://sandrawallace.marketingscents.com/go/ms-ningxia


Ningxia Red has a glycemic index of 10.57. Grapefruit is 26 & table sugar is 83.


Ningxia Red is also known to reduce cravings which is a culprit in overeating ~which leads to weight gain!


Ningxia Red has also been  shown to give support to the following :


    Cardiovascular System


    Blood Pressure

    Cholesterol (within normal range)

    Helps to control buildup of yeast in your system that causes bloating & “rumbling” of the tummy & bowels.



    And even chromium! (Polysacharide fiber that can promote good bacteria in the intestines)

All of this & it has the added Essential oils of Orange, Grapeseed extract, Tangerine & Lemon! We all have been reading reports about how citrus oils help to correct the crazy “out of control” cells in our bodies!

When you count the costs of buying supplements from other sources, that may have to be broken down in the digestive system…how much are you reaping from your investment? You have SO much in this ONE product that could replace SO MANY of your other supplements. AND I vote for a liquid supplement, too. I believe it’s easier absorbed into my system.

So take the 90 day challange & commit to taking at least 2 ounces of Ningxia Red a day! Then come back here or to my Facebook Page & give your testimonial on how your body changed for you!

Ningxia Red. Not just a juice.

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