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Toni Kollar

I was having trouble getting out of bed in the morning one winter. More trouble than the usual problems I have with Seasonal Adjustment Disorder. It took every ounce of willpower to just put my feet onto the floor. Things just seemed to take so much energy, I was digging deep within to find it but I knew even that resource was running low.

As my friend had discovered NES and in particular, Sandra Wallace a couple of years previously,I decided to send her a hair scan of my own to work out what was going on with my body. Sandra called me to go over the results in a way I could understand and make sense of. My body hadn’t got anything left, I was working on a ‘need to function’ basis. No wonder I was feeling so tired and beyond exhausted!! As we explored further into the results Sandra was talking about things on my scan which I had told no-one about, the information was stored in my cells! I was in awe. I ordered the NES drops suggested and I was AMAZED at the results! The sleepy fog was lifting, I didn’t feel so exhausted all the time and I could interact with my family again! I now ALWAYS have these drops in my cupboard. They don’t have side effects and THEY WORK!

Chrissy Holman

*I absolutely LOVE my Young Living home diffuser! It has really helped my 6 year old and my husband as well! I also really love my peppermint, it really helps me with my headaches!! Chrissy H.

*Just had to tell you that this morning before school Kaitlyn (my five yr old) said “Mommy, don’t forget to put my oils on me and I need to take my drops (her PL)!!!!” Chrissy H.
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*I’ve been diffusing the Thieves by my bed at night and so far I have managed to dodge the flu and crud going around. 🙂 Yea Me. Vicky A.


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* Luckily I haven’t had headaches the past few days but I have had some major lower back problems. I used Panaway and Valor and was absolutely amazed that the pain went right away! I could not believe it.

My mom has restless legs and used valor on her legs and now she loves it too. I also gave my mom the extra peppermint bc she has a lot of stomach issues and she said her stomach problems have been so much better. It’s amazing! Elisha T.

*A joke in our household….how much es8 will it take today. lol  Tori G.

*I just want to take a moment & thank you for coming over in Dec at the deck the halls event & making me a believer…You rubbed oils on my aching shoulders & neck..I suffer from chronic muscle spasms..well that is a thing of the past..im off almost all my meds & are only doing oils !!! Just last week I suffered from a severe concusion with minor bruising..thanks to your oils I never took any pain meds or anything else they prescribed 🙂 thank you for sharing your information & promoting a healthier living for me & my family !!!!!!! ~GodBlessyou~Kim H.