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Want Shoulder & Neck Relief?

This stuff. Game changer for me. I tend to not be able to move my neck as freely as I did when I was younger! (Go figure?) I have noticed that I was getting stiffer & more uncomfortable in my neck & shoulders? What in the world is going on? Then I found out about a super hero product that has made all the difference for me! Sulfurzyme.


This is what it has helped me with: my neck turns in BOTH directions, my shoulders are not stiff & drawing to my ears, my mind is clearer, I have more energy, my joints feel looser (in a good way! ? ) and my hair & nails grow like crazy! I am a much better person when I take my Sulfurzyme! I can tell when I’m out! IN A BIG way! Therefore, I try to stock up on it. I NEVER want to be without it.

Let me clarify something! Sulphur is NOT the same thing as Sulfa. Sulphur is a mineral that so many of us are lacking because of our depleted food supply. Sulfa is a whole different ballgame. It’s a drug. Let me repeat. Sulphur is a natural occurring mineral and Sulfa is a chemical. So, if you’re allergic to Sulfa, you don’t have to worry about Sulphur.

So, why does it work? It’s a concentrated version of MSM. That’s the buzz word now. From what I’ve studied, it revealed that most toxins are made of fat. Sulfurzyme makes the fat more water soluble so that we can flush those toxins out of our cells, joints and tissues which is why we get so much relief in our bodies!

My mama had years of neck, shoulder, muscle & back misery that was super sensitive to the weather patterns. She was so sensitive and how I wish I had known about this while she was living! I believe this would have made her life so different than the way she had to live. The good news is that I can share this with all of you, so you can start using this  and sharing it with others!

Sulfurzyme comes in two different forms from Young Living. Capsules (#3243) or Powder (#3241). Personally, the powder is MY FAVORITE! I put 1 to 2 teaspoons in about 4 to 6 oz of water & chug. It tastes a little chalky but I crave it! The powder has a prebiotic included in it, which I can really tell helps balance my digestion, too!

For those of you who would rather take a capsule than a powder,  there are 300 capsules in this bottle of Sulfurzyme.

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