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Welcome to Team MonuMintOil!

Welcome to Team MonuMintOil!

You’re here because someone that cares about you & your family enough to introduce you to a new lifestyle has invited you! Yay! So happy to meet you!

We knew you’d have questions as to WHY you should chose Young Living when there are so many “other” essential oils out there! Some more less expensive & some you can just “pick off the shelf”? We put together just a few videos to clear exactly THOSE questions for you & then you can share with anyone you know~ who might just have the same questions that you do. Questions for example: Why would I choose Young Living when there are other oils that I can just buy off the shelf or why would I pay more for these oils?

After you read the answers, don’t forget to scroll on down & watch the videos.

Let’s get started!

1. We’re the oldest essential oil company in the US
2. We really DO HAVE a SEED TO SEAL process
3. We really do own our own farms
4. We really do expect any partner farms to measure up to our personally owned farms
5. We really do have millions of dollars worth of testing equipment
6. We really do have third part testing AFTER we test our own
7. We really do dump any oils that do not measure up to the standards that will actually change the cells to healthy~ & not just smell good. It costs the company millions to not compromise. We don’t sell it to you even though it smells good
8. We really do commit to bringing you THE BEST health & emotional changing supplements infused with essential oils
9. We really do help you learn to use your oils by pointing you in the right direction for classes or resources
10. We really DO set the essential oils “industry standard”. That’s why you hear every other essential oil company “compare” their oils to Young Living’s Quality of oils!

We’re not JUST about essential oils. We’re about compassion & service to others. “Money in the hands of good people, can do so many good things.” Just look:






Watch this to get a “feel” of WHY Young Living came into Existence

How Young Living ENSURES that we have THE BEST essential oils on the market~ this will help you understand! Young Living has an open door policy. You can visit anytime! (It’s better when you earn your trips out there free!)


Twenty PLUS years, now! Is it any wonder, other essential oils companies COMPARE themselves to Young Living? We have experience. We have history. We have THE BEST. It’s been paid for with sweat, tears & back breaking work.


We’re not JUST about essential oils. We’re about compassion & service to others. “Money in the hands of good people, can do so many good things.”


Here’s the kicker! We’re not JUST essential oils! We have over 600 products for you, your family & friends!


If someone cared enough about you to send you to this page, please get back in touch with them & allow them to help you get started in helping yourself & your family make healthier,  (harmful) chemical free changes. Kick the toxins to the curb!


When you’re ready to become a member, just watch this video below. Get with the person who invited you here & get their member number to add to the Enrollment & Sponsor Box! Watch how simple it is! (some of the diffuser options have changed, but the same steps!)




www.youngliving.com with your friend’s member number in hand! We will get you started as quick as THAT!

Welcome to  Team MonuMintOil!  We’re honored to have you on our team!!