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Who flipped my switch?!

No…I don’t want names and address of those who have flipped your switch! (Sometimes, we’d like to give them out wouldn’t we?!)

(Why won’t my light come on?  Compliments of  Touch of Elegance Interiors on FB)

I’m really asking about when you first started feeling “less well”. Was it last year? A few years ago? Some of us can pinpoint a particular shock that we had. A shock can be an emotional hurt, surgery, injury or even bad news! When you have an organ removed, your body doesn’t know it! It just thinks that your organ is just not doing its job! “Hey, gallbladder!! What’s your problem? Quit making this stomach upset and my bowels run!”
(Maybe a little more details than you wanted–but it’s true!)

Whichever the one, your immune system is in charge of protecting you. And to protect you, if it meant shutting down that particular shock and storing it in your body, then it will! In the muscles, joints, organs or bones until it can get clarity on WHAT to do with it! And that takes ALOT of your energy to pack and carry that “stuff” around with you 24/7! How do you lighten the load? Give your body back some instructions to remind it what place it’s supposed to go!

(A place for everything and everything in its place!! Picture compliments of Facebook page:Oh So ShAbBy By Debbie Reynolds 

The NES scan shows where particular shocks are stored in your body AND brain!

Live BETTER all!

PS…can you all tell I love to look at beautiful things?!

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