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Young Living Monthly Specials


Young Living Monthly specials are the highlight of every month!

Click the video below & watch what all is in store for you guys this month! Then…go a little further down & be sure to go to the end of this page to see the makeover with Savvy!

For July’s Summer Fun promo, watch this video.

Summer’s just started! julymary

Essentialzymes 4 are da bomb dot com! They help provide enzymes to digest BOTH carbs & fats! Two caplets. One for now & one for time release. These are  your DIGESTIVE FRIENDS!

I imagine that 99 out of 100 of you~ use makeup!  We need to help our moms, sisters, daughters & friends to know that there is a toxin free line of makeup!

The more I use this the more I like it! I use the mist & dampen  my brush BEFORE I dip it into the mineral powder. Also, others mix it with the ART Light moisturizer or any of our other moisturizers!

Watch this video!


sweet savvy mineralsThere is a WHOLE LINE!




Brow Colors


Mineral Veil


(And mascara coming in August~ is the rumor) And they’ll be adding more products as time goes on!


Be sure to get the ART Skincare system and The Beauty Serum to “prep” your face for the best possible results! Keep stalking my page for videos on this chemical free makeup!

Here is a video all about our NEW Baby Line of products called “Seedlings”, and MUCH MORE!


This has been another exciting month!

NOTICE: Some products are already out of stock, so order what you can NOW! They will be back very soon if something that you really want has gone out!

AND ALL NEW & Convention products can NOT be placed on an ER order as of yet! They have to be placed on a Quick Order!

If you’ve forgotten your member number…just message me and I’ll help you find it.

Pay CLOSE attention to all the FREE BONUS points you get at different levels! There is absolute bonuses to being on Essential Rewards!  Check out the graphic below to see the benefits! They have NOW started giving a gift at 100pv when you’re on Essential Rewards!

Don’t know where to start? Click here!


If you like to watch a lot of videos on Young Living then feel free to go to: www.yldist.com/sandrawallace


essntial rewards




PS! Remember the animal scans that I do in my office or through hair analysis! Check this out! http://betterlivinghealthclinic.com/animal-scans-too/

HERE IS your BONUS video! More about Saavy! Watch this makeover!


Have a happy rest of the month!