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Young Living Monthly Specials

September: Young Living Monthly specials are the highlight of every month!

September is here! It’s time to start boosting that immune system for the upcoming yucky months! We need to start preparing now, so that we don’t miss the school & work that others do because of the ritual fall/winter bugs that come along!  Plus, starting now, will not only help save $ from running back and forth to the clinic~ but how happier we’ll all be by avoiding the misery of the shared ickies from school & work. ( be sure and watch the video below!)

Inner Defense is a MUST to keep the immune system boosted! Oregano, Cool Azule  AND  Peace & Calming are products that can also be a part of the Raindrop Detox Technique! Oregano KNOWN for it “killer” instincts for ickies! Cool Azule is da’ bomb for muscles! Peace & Calming is just THAT. It’s a staple in my oil supply. Even have it handy for that grand baby of ours. :))  Thought you might like a cute little “update” on how that’s going. AND you can bet, that we’ll be diffusing Thieves for this little chick! We sure don’t want any hacking , stuffies or tummy/ugly stuff going on with Miss Brinlee! We always want to do what we can for our family~ ahead of time.


brinlee shades

Here’s a great video to highlight each product!


For those of you who wear makeup~ or should :) ~ here’s a notice of our MAKEUP LINE! Savvy Minerals! It’s already climbed to being 1/3 of our BILLION $ company sales!

Be sure to get the ART Skincare system and The Beauty Serum to “prep” your face for the best possible results! Keep stalking my page for videos on this chemical free makeup!

Here is a video all about our NEW Baby Line of products called “Seedlings”, and MUCH MORE!


This has been another exciting month!

NOTICE: Some products are already out of stock, so order what you can NOW! They will be back very soon if something that you really want has gone out!

AND ALL NEW & Convention products can NOT be placed on an ER order as of yet! They have to be placed on a Quick Order!

If you’ve forgotten your member number…just message me and I’ll help you find it.

Pay CLOSE attention to all the FREE BONUS points you get at different levels! There is absolute bonuses to being on Essential Rewards!  Check out the graphic below to see the benefits! They have NOW started giving a gift at 100pv when you’re on Essential Rewards!

Don’t know where to start? Click here!


If you like to watch a lot of videos on Young Living then feel free to go to: www.yldist.com/sandrawallace


essntial rewards




PS! Remember the animal scans that I do in my office or through hair analysis! Check this out! http://betterlivinghealthclinic.com/animal-scans-too/

HERE IS your BONUS video! More about Saavy! Watch this makeover!


Have a happy rest of the month!