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Zyto Compass Device for Oils


Now you can take the guesswork out of which oils would work better for an individual! This is an amazing Electro Dermal device that anyone can use to test your family or your clients for what specific oils they may need. I was SO excited to find this because I can envision whole families using this to help with their own healthcare!

zyto compass imagingsYou don't have to have a degree to use the Zyto. It has a simple matching program to the electrical charges in your body , that will show what "best" matches the individual.

With this device you get license to use on 2 computers. I'll have one installed on the computer at my office and then another to make it portable on my laptop!

There is a subscription each month to keep the information coming via internet of $39.95. I saw a testimony of one woman who's Zyto paid for itself in 3 WEEKS!




















This is ideal for the person who has a large family! It allows you to stay on top of your family's bodies' needs!

This is also ideal for the OILER who wants to grow a business for themselves!

Being a natural healthcare practitioner-homeopathic, Master NES practitioner to start with…I KNOW how expensive it can be to get your education! $1000's! Believe me!  So this is an opportunity for those of you who don't have $1000 to invest in a degree right now!


USE theZyto Compass for your group or family!

Did you know that The Compass would work for all these companies?


Be Young


Forever Green Compass

Forever Living


Nature Rich Inc.

Nature’s Sunshine

New Sun

Symmetric Direct

VEO Natural

Waiora USA, Inc

Young Living Essential Oils

Watch how simple below!





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(Service is at the Better Living Office)!