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T-Tapp, Hormones & Weight

Can this be? It sure is! I use movements all the time in my daily life from this program!

Lose inches with only 15 minutes of movement a day??

You bet you can!  As we get older or as we eat badly, things start to build up in our bodies and slow down! Did you know that your lymph system is the only system in the body that doesn’t have its own pump?  YOU’RE IT! I’ve lost as much as an inch off my middle in one week just doing these moves!  I know a couple who have lost two sizes in a matter of a few weeks! I’ve BIRTHED six children from this 5’7″ body of mine!  I can still wear an 8/10 and mostly 8’s. STILL!  This is smaller than I was BEFORE I got  pregnant with some of my babies.  Sometimes, I don’t have a chance to go through the whole fifteen minutes but I try to walk the correct way, stand correctly and flex my lymphatics when I think of it.  It has helped me to maintain my size!   I wear the size now that I wore when I was about 15 lbs lighter!! This system helps to balance the hormones, too!   Ladies, PMS much?   Menopause much?  Then help your body to regulate itself!  By using these movements, I’ve had clients talk about what easier cycles they’ve had without the bloating and cramping.

 A wise Ttapp trainer has said, “That if you’re just consistant with a “couple” of the moves in this program, you’ll have a different body in a year!”

To make a difference in your life…just hit the “Pudge” button below and begin your journey!!

To learn of the system and testimonies go to: www.ttapp.com  (and then if you decide to order something it would help me if you returned to my website and enter the store through the “Pudge” button below.  Happy Research!)

(An excerpt from T-tapp’s website):Hi, I’m Teresa Tapp, exercise physiologist and rehabilitative trainer. I created my unique workout and effective cellulite removal program while working within the International Modeling Industry. I worked as a personal trainer, new face developer, booker and scout for several agencies including Ford, Metropolitan, and Page Parkes. After working in an industry that demands body perfection, I know how to get the body in shape no matter what age or fitness level while reducing and/or eliminating cellulite. My T-tapp System is the most effective on the market today! See results within 7 days!

I could care less what the scale says. Let’s face it, inches count, pounds don’t. Models are measured, not weighed because no matter what the scale says, if the hips are too big for an outfit, they don’t get the job. I have always guaranteed an inch off the waist or hips in one week. Most people lose at least one clothing size if not two in 30 days. Since retiring from the modeling world I have helped thousands of pre-menopausal women achieve the same results as my models – higher energy, hormonal balance, and body awareness on how to get fit quick!
This helps with the underarm flab!  Here’s your’s for free!

This is one that is HARD TO REMEMBER!!   But SO important! The girls and I watch one another and call “duck feet” if we catch ourselves doing it wrong!

We’ve been told that just doing ONE move consistanly–your body will be changed in one year regardless! BUT if you want a real change fast, then look into doing a Ttapp bootcamp!