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Are You ANGRY?

Be prepared. This is a long one!

I’m ANGRY. I mean ~ really angry! I had a dream of someone who was belittling my view or opinion. No matter what I said in that dream this person just kept coming back with a reason that I was wrong and threatening to be mad at ME because I had my own opinion! How DARE them!

Fast forward. I wake up. I get up. I start my morning routine and I am pissed! By golly, you had NO RIGHT to treat me that way. NOW, do you remember years ago . . . when this person said this? Did that? I felt insignificant and downright stupid? HOLD THE PHONE!

Are you Angry


I was spiraling down a gutter with my thoughts! I stopped and asked the good Lord to help me STOP this! I do NOT want to poison my day with this! So first, I’ve learned to play the “TRUTH” game with myself. You start by using these steps: what is truth? Then I begin my next sentence with:

TRUTH is: THEN ANSWER. Here’s an example:

What is truth? I had a bad dream that reminded me of something in my past that REALLY HURT me. That person degraded me and made me feel worthless. I am mega angry!

TRUTH is: What happened in that dream did not really happen to me.

TRUTH is: I need to figure out HOW to be released from that grudge. The person who, in real life, did me wrong.

TRUTH is: I have to recognize what happened in real life vs that dream.

TRUTH is: I have to find a way to be released from that experience.

See? The body hangs on to things that we back pack and carry for years. Keep adding baggage and your body/life gets HEAVY. Aka: you are angry a lot of the time. You are down and out but you don’t know why. Your energy levels are low. You may even be grumpy when you don’t really have a reason!

Did you know that you cannot separate the physical from the emotional? I have been studying this for years! I have been talking to my clients about it and have even found a good book called “Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils,” by Carolyn L Mein, DC.

Some Emotions are Held in Our Gallbladder

I grabbed my oils and grabbed my book. Questioned and answered the above. I guessed at the emotion of being bitter. I was then led to look up “PAST.” Well, what do you know? It recommends the oil “Forgiveness” and to apply it over the gallbladder! DID you realize the gallbladder stores the unforgiveness in your body? So, by holding on to this and not addressing it in the past years, it has been weighing my gallbladder down? (THAT was a hidden energy sucker!)

Here’s a graphic to help you locate your gallbladder.

Gall Bladder

I was out of the oil “Forgiveness” but the Transformation oil grabbed my attention. So, I applied it over my gallbladder and I prayed. I asked The Lord to help me release this anger. This thing happened years ago and I didn’t want it anymore! I want to feel light and happy! And you know what? It released! I am now able to put it into perspective! It happened. I learned from it. I am aware and can address it if it happens again with anyone!

Here are some other oils that I could have used:

Premium Starter Kit Oils, mixed in equal parts, Frankincense, Lavender and Stress Away: Affirmation:I am Ok. I can let this go

Lemon Essential OilAffirmation: I cleanse this anger from my body”

Oil blends:

ReleaseAffirmation: “Release me from this”

Forgiveness: Affirmation: “Forgive myself for accepting this at the time”

TransformationAffirmation: Transform my mind and life”

Abundance: Affirmation: “Give me an abundance of forgiveness and perspective”

PurificationAffirmation: “Purify me from holding on to these hard memories”

Present TimeAffirmation: I will concentrate on the present and release the past”

Research the gallbladder point on the body and rub a couple drops over it. Concentrate on how it feels when you think of that hard memory. Then breathe in the oil after you’ve applied it and use some of the affirmations above. You’ll know which one is just right for you! You can mix and match as you need.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me! When I do this, it feels as if a hundred pounds have been lifted off my body! What a relief! Then my day goes better and I’m a much happier person!

Free From Anger

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