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Are you the ONE?

As you all know, I believe that in order to be healthy-one HAS to have a clear understanding that we are to work at.  Phillipians 4:8 (Gonna make you look it up! 🙂 ).  When you read that verse ask yourself – when I do this, does it ONLY affect me?  NOoooo!!  It also can set the “mood” of other people.  Uplifting and encouraging.

I was reminded yesterday, that over and over in The Bible-that God used ONE person to make a huge difference sometimes for a WHOLE nation. At times it saved their lives and their children’s lives. Again-let me emphasize:  just ONE PERSON. So the big question for me is:  Can I be that ONE person for someone else today? I took inventory yesterday… I was lifted up by others.  I didn’t do much lifting myself.

Today…I WANT TO BE THE ONE.  I want to lift someone else up.  I want to encourage someone.  HOW?  I’m not sure yet.  Sometimes, we accomplish this by chance and sometimes on purpose.  Will it be through a smile or with some drops?  Through helping someone understand their health problems or just through prayer.  I’m waiting so see.

ARE YOU THAT ONE person today?  I hope you’ll be alert to your chances.  Take inventory!!  Make it your GOAL–to be THE ONE .  Step out of your comfort zone and lift someone else up.

Now hurry off and be THE ONE for someone today AND tomorrow!!

***Note:  I want to thank someone today for being a HUGE encourager to me-even when she doesn’t know it.  I used her FB page to get all the images that I used in this post.  Thank you SO much… www.ohsoshabbybydebbie.com

I go to her Facebook page almost every day to see what she’s added to make my day a little brighter…Thank you for that.

AND thank you to my friends that The Lord has blessed me with everyday!!

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  • Susan July 30, 2012, 8:20 pm

    Encouragement is sometimes under-rated but oh, so necessary and needful. My gift is encouragement but sometimes it’s nice to BE ENCOURAGED!!!

  • Mary@The Encouraging Home July 31, 2012, 2:06 am

    Thanks for the encouragement! You are always my one!

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