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Clean Like Martha Stewart: The Natural Ways to Spring Clean your Home

Spring is here & I am absolutely thrilled! It's on of my favorite times of the year. "Out with the old & in with the new." THAT is my motto! That's why I want to clean like Martha Stewart: the natural ways to spring clean your home! 


This was right outside m back door! How much cleaner can you get than right after a good rain. But have NO FEAR! We're on a mission to do this inside our homes with good ole' natural products!

I was thrilled when I discovered a free PDF on Spring Cleaning 101by Martha Stewart. Instead of showing what to use, she provides readers like you and I a checklist and tips for spring cleaning.

Why spring clean?

A report by EPA states that the average American spends about 90 percent of their time indoors. They indicated that indoor air pollutants is two to five times higher than the outside. The sources of air pollution includes wet or damp carpet, deteriorated building materials and furnishings, toxic household cleaning and maintenance products, personal care products and may I add – dust mites and dirt from the outside. (Source: EPA)

Are you ready to spring clean?

Instead of adding on to the toxic and bad indoor air quality, how about using natural ways to spring clean your home?

I have three cleaning solutions that will help you breathe and live healthier this spring:

One: Window cleaning solution
I add 1 cup of water, ¼ cup of white vinegar, 6-10 drops of grapefruit oil to a spray bottle. Spray the cleaner onto a microfiber cloth and wipe the window from top to bottom. Or spray the cleaner onto window and use the microfiber cloth to do the same.


Did you know that most household cleaners contain ammonia, formaldehyde, 2-butoxyethanol, glycol, monoethanolamine and many more chemicals that are toxic to your body?

This solution will leave your window squeaky clean and non-toxic. In fact you can eat it!

Note: Grapefruit oil can be replaced by lemon oil

Two: Most powerful all purpose household cleaner

The only thing you need to clean your house. Thieves Household Cleaner is safe and contains ingredients from renewable plant and mineral sources. It is a vegetable-based surfactant that is compliant with the Green Seal and EPA Design for Environment standards.

It is my go to cleaner for everything in my home. You can use it for degreasing, carpet cleaning, and fabric cleaning, carpet spotting, stovetop, counters, bathtub, shower stall, toilets, pots and pans, oven cleaning and more.

Here is the dilution ratio given by Young Living:
Dilution ratios: light degreasing 60:1; medium degreasing 30:1; heavy degreasing 15:1; floors 100:1; walls 30:1; upholstery, fabrics, carpet spotting 40:1; carpet 100:1; glass 320:1; pots and pans; 100:1 hand cleaner 1:1.
Notice: Before cleaning upholstery, fabric, or carpet, perform a spot test in an inconspicuous location. Discontinue use in the unlikely event of staining or skin irritation.

A testimonial on carpet cleaning:
While I shampooed the living room carpet with the dry carpet cleaning shampoo recommended for the machine we have, my son said he was feeling increasingly sick from the fumes. He left the house and I got out the Thieves Household Cleaner. The Thieves cleaned the carpet much better than the pricey, brand name cleaner and left a wonderful, fresh scent.

Old spots, which remained after repeated attempts to remove them failed, succumbed to the Thieves Household Cleaner! – Beth W.

Three: Oven Cleaning and Microwave Cleaning with Thieves Household Cleaner, baking soda and lemon oil
For extra cleaning power add lemon essential oil to your Thieves cleaning solution. To clean the oven, spray Thieves Household Cleaner onto surfaces followed by baking soda. Scrub the surface and wipe it off. Add three drops of lemon on stubborn spots. You may have to let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it off.

If you only have $60 to spend for cleaning solutions, here are three recommendations:

1.    Thieves Household Cleaner
2.    Lemon Essential Oil
3.    White vinegar
4.    Baking soda

Use either of these products alone or combined. Young Living has a few recipes for cleaning bedbugs using Thieves Household Cleaner and essential oils. Here is the link to Bedbug treatment recipes.

Martha Stewart’s Spring Cleaning 101 PDF

To purchase Thieves Household Cleaner, Email me at sgwallace@yadtel.net

I’m here to help you.


Disclaimer: This information is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any illness or disease. It is for informational or educational purposes only. They have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Please seek qualified health professionals and do your own research.

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