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I Didn’t Make a Million Bucks!

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I didn’t make a million bucks! Then again, I didn’t expect to all at once.

People think that network marketing is supposed to be a magical journey that, in the first few months, will raise you up on the swelling waves of the ocean until it crests & you touch the sky! That’s how most MLM’s  (multi-level marketing) will promote themselves & in all actuality, it DOES happen with some people!

For Example:
Monique McLean- Royal Crown Diamond in approx. 18 months
Lindsey Moreno- Royal Crown Diamond in Approx. 18 month
Sarah Harnish- Platinum 16 months
Alyssa Francis- Royal Crown Diamond in approx. 3 years

THIS IS JUST for a few! Now, most of the RC Diamonds are 6 figure incomes! This is amazing! AND IT’S SO realistic to accomplish! But, that just hasn’t been my journey.

Let me tell you a little about my journey with Young Living:

My mistake was that I was a smaller thinker at the beginning. I fought my friend, Mary, tooth & nail NOT to do this as a business. I didn’t want the headache of keeping up with something “else”. I just wanted to get my oils & be left alone! AND I COULD DO THAT with this company! “Order what you want, when you want wholesale membership. Order $50 a YEAR to keep my discount!” I could do that. That’s ALL I wanted to do! 🙂

Long story made short: I got VERY sick with the Shingles on my side/back. I was in excruciating pain and can only compare it to last stages childbirth! (Yes. It was THAT bad.) I was rocking on my hands & knees, sobbing. Mary & my daughter, Amelia, used several essential oils with a poultice on the area & within 30 minutes I could lie down and go to sleep. The next evening, even though I was still in some pain, I returned to Bible School & finished out the week. (They weren’t contagious at the point we stopped them!) I’ve since heard , that to be able to be up and going is a miracle in itself!

Hence, starts my business adventure! I started telling people my story. Repeat: MY STORY. And they ASKED ME how to get a kit. HOW to use the oils and HOW SOON could they get it? I realized that the decision had been made for me! I had NO CHOICE unless I decided I didn’t want to tell people. Keep them to myself & let someone else reap the blessings….and blessings they have been to my family, clients & myself!

How long have I been doing this as a business? 3 ½ years.

What rank have I accomplished? Silver (this is right below Platinum that Sarah Harnish conquered in 16 months!) Mine is a 4 figure income!  It’s not my “Million Bucks” but I’ll sure take it & put it to good use!
My point is: that everyone can’t do it in a few months. Most people start out as just consumers of the products. Supplements, shakes, energy drinks & of course, the oils. Sometimes, like me, it takes a few months to REALIZE what a tool we have in our cabinets & purses! Haha!  Sometimes, it just takes that long for God to make us realize that He’s already placed the ingredients for our success for health & income right in front of us. SOME of us take just a LITTLE LONGER to get the message! ME, for example!crown

My plans for using Young Living as my retirement income hasn’t dimmed. I know that if I live 5, 10 , 20 or 30 more years, I am building something for my family to use for as long as Young Living is in business. (They’ve been in business for 20+ years! Being such a grounded, stable company ~growing a HUGE amount of our own plants to sustain our supply on OUR farms!) Yep. I’d say that my children & grandchildren will have some Young Living coming in without me necessarily being present. 🙂  I want to pass these years with sweet memories & lessons of working hard to provide for them, perseverance to keep adding a raise each year to my income in order to continue to have supplies for our good health! HEY! I’m gonna spend my time doing “something”, so I want it to be profitable for MANY people!

SLOW & STEADY. Sharing with one person at a time. Letting my family & life change as it needs to.
That turtle got across the finish line. AND WON. Mine isn’t a finish line, though. It’s a GOAL line! “Steady as she goes!” for me.

If you are a slow & steady kind of person ~ or you just want to try out Young Living… we’ll take our journey together! I can help you with that. If you’re a “ride the ocean waves to the sky” kind of person? I & my support team will help you with that, too! I’ll just get in the boat & ride with you! haha

Let’s get started! Click here!

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