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Connecting Emotions & Illnesses

When I first started studying natural health, I was only in it to correct imbalances in my body & just feel better. You know, to avoid certain chemicals, take herbs & get back to more natural things.

But as I studied more, the more I realized the impact that our emotions have on our physical bodies! The Bible has been telling us this all along & Traditional Chinese medicine has been reinforcing this for us.

Take a look at the chart below & mentally take inventory of your life.

Emotions and organs chart

Have you every noticed that when you get angry that maybe the right side of your neck & shoulders get stiff or ache? Or possibly you may have to run to the bathroom for an emergency trip? Either one of those can be a result of your getting angry. Being angry a lot, whether you let it out or keep it packed in~has a tremendous affect on your gallbladder & liver!  I have people who have never connected that right shoulder & neck to the gallbladder either! They laugh & say: But my gallbladder is down there & my neck is way up here! LOL!  Everything is interconnected!

I was at a business/self-improvement seminar a few years ago & this is one of the FIRST things that was addressed that very first day. (Must be pretty important to be put as priority in that setting, too!) Here’s what we had to do:

1) Recognize that EVERYONE has faults & will do things wrong from time to time.

2) That I am in EVERY problem that  I’ve ever had. (I had to laugh & agree with this one!)

3) Make a list of all my shortcomings or things that I would like to overcome & change.

4) We were then instructed to stand up in groups of 8 & admit what we wanted to change about ourselves.

5) We then had to forgive OURSELVES for our own faults, bad choices & mistakes!

There was something VERY POWERFUL in doing that. It was a period of time that I had to look inside myself & study what was on MY inside!  To take inventory about what I HAD to look at in me. To realize that I will have to answer about how I handled different situations and not HOW THE OTHER person handled it. This was VERY FREEING!  I felt like I’d had a million tons lifted off my body.

To look even deeper, you can NOT separate the physical from the emotional. We may not know which came first, but one ALWAYS influences the other.  Whether the emotional has triggered the physical or the physical has triggered the emotional. The first step is just RECOGNIZING that it is there. To admit it, pray about it and to take a step to change it.

If you’re having a hard time deciding what is having the most impact on your body, then you may want to get a NESHealth scan. It addresses both the physical & emotional influences. If you can’t travel to me, then learn more about NES by  clicking  HERE. I use this scan to find blockages in the information flow of the immune system. There are natural drops that go along with this scan. The beauty of it is, that I can also help build your protocol with essential oils to restore this “mis” communication, also!

If you  want to begin learning about essential oils to start your emotional repair, then click HERE.

Be blessed and BE FREE! 

Many hugs & hugs!

Sandra Wallace

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