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Foggy Thinking? Slow Digestion? I’ve got your new Best Friend!

Yep! That’s what I said! Do you feel like going to sleep after you eat your meal? Does your stomach feel like you just ate a bag of rocks? Do you have to jump up & run to the potty right after you eat? Then let me introduce you to your new best friend! Digize!

Your digestive system can absolutely suck the energy out of your muscles and your brain. Making you feel so sluggish & dulling your thinking. That is one of the most miserable feelings that I’ve dealt with. Digestive problems have ran in my family from my mama AND daddy! Guess what?! They were generous & shared that trait with me!! Yay me!!

Did you also know that you can’t separate the physical from emotional? When your digestive system is slow…usually your joy is slow, too. It can make you not only sluggish in your thinking, but sluggish in your emotional health, too. Low & blue. If you notice when you get disappointing news or even upset & you have the tendency of feeling like you just got “hit the gut”? Then using Digize may help with that “sinking” feeling in the pit of your stomach.

You can get Digize here: www.yldist.com/sandrawallace.  It comes in the wholesale Premium Starter kit OR you can order individually! Digize 15ml bottle #3324 or 5ml bottle Digize Vitality #5621

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