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How to get your Balance Back After Stress

How to get your balance back after stress seems to be a problem for many people! Have you ever  felt like something is just not “right” after you’ve experienced a big stress in your life? Wondered how you were going to get your balance back after a stressful situation that just hit like an unexpected hurricane?

I hear it all the time in my office! I have person after person saying, “I have been to doctors & everyone has told me there is nothing wrong with me. I just KNOW that something’s not right.”

Let me oversimplify how our immune system communicates. Every system & organ operates from it’s own preferred frequency. Kind of like different radio stations! So when you experience any kind of stress~whether it is physical (viral, bacterial, injury or surgery) or emotional (relationships, financial, death of a loved one). They are ALL considered a SHOCK & can knock your radio off its stations.  The body hasn’t always been called a “fine tuned machine for nothing!

When your body has been knocked off its stations, it can be referred to as “static”. Remember the old radios with the dials? How we had to barely turn & turn until the station came in clearly? (Now, I’m telling my age!) It was a very small area that would tune it in so that we could hear our music! It’s the same with the human body.

Let’s watch the video:

The video preview may look striped, but it will play!

sandra video

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