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Give your Health a Boost. Plan your Vacation!

What? WebMD is saying that you can give your health a boost! Now what? Plan a vacation!

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WebMD: “Get away, often. It’s a fact: People who take vacations have lower stress, less risk of heart disease, a better outlook on life, and more motivation to achieve goals.
It doesn’t have to be 2 weeks in Europe, either. Just 24 hours away, and you’ll reap the benefits.
Even better, the biggest boost in happiness comes from planning the vacation. You can feel the effects up to 8 weeks before your trip. And when you’re done with that retreat, start planning the next one. Simply having something to look forward to can be rewarding.”

My hubby & I took a vacation to Tybee Island this past summer! What’s the big deal you asked? We realized on the way down, that it was the first one in 33 years of marriage that we had a vacation without any children since our honeymoon! Can you believe that?!! We were as shocked as you are!

tybee brian & sandra tybee island

Just that trip to Tybee Island, Georgia inspired us to both become travel agents! Now, we can work together on vacation plans for ourselves & you!

We have a portal where you can shop around for yourself or I have some special magic I can weave to come up with just what you had in mind~with just the right amount of a personal touch to help you come up with your dream vacation! Want to go to the mountains? Take a cruise with all the meals included~why we can prepay even your gratuities for the staff! Need a shuttle from the airport to your resort or help you rent a car!

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Hit this link RIGHT NOW to get started planning your dream vacation!


If you want to send us a list of what you’d like to have in your dream vacation, then email us today at travelwithwallace@gmail.com with your “dream list” of vacation goodies & allow us to design your getaway package!

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