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Molecular Hydrogen Miracle

As you all know, I am a natural healthcare practitioner & I am an obsessed Young Living essential oil addict ~ BUT,  I am always looking for therapies and products that I know are going to be good for my family as well as yours.

I was introduced to a machine called HIT. It stands for “hydrogen inhalation therapy”. Hydrogen inhalation therapy has a huge impact for boosting your body and I’ll be offering appointments for sessions in the near future at the office.

When I started researching molecular hydrogen I was just blown away. I decided to go ahead and give it a try because I’m all for building health on top of the good I’m already doing with my oils and supplements.

You will want to do research on the internet and look at loads of reports on molecular hydrogen -if you’re that personality, but if you’re only interested in the results… then you’ll be blown away. Also, if you’re taking care of the elderly? You’re going to want to really pay attention, too!

This is all I did:

(Electrolyte is Distilled Water)

When I started with my first 10 minute session, afterwards I realized that thing’s looked more clear with my vision. Colors more vivid. I also noticed that I could breathe deeper and think more clearly. I had a boost of energy. The next morning I noticed that my face wasn’t puffy and that my pants zipped up easier….hmmm…

I’m like everyone else- been going through a stressful time for the last few months and then add the holidays on top of that…lol… Well you get the picture. I’m the type of personality that I push myself and push myself to keep going even when I realize I’m stressing out. So this morning I added Stress Away essential oil to the top of my nostrils and then put the breathing cannula from the HIT machine and did a 30 minute session. Oh wow. What relief.

Because I have to be compliant…i can say only so much- but research MOLECULAR HYDROGEN! It names diseases that are aided by this safe, natural, healthy gas. Click HERE to start reading research!
(Deep sea divers are using it to keep from getting depth sickness since the 40’s!)

You will be able to make appointments to come for your session in Harmony, NC~ OR you can own your own machine to use on your WHOLE family to keep forever!

You can read reviews by clicking HERE

Like what you see & just want to own your own HIT THERAPY machine for as little as $40 a month! That’s what I said! FORTY a month.  Then hurry & click this button to read more:

I’m excited to see the praises you’ll be singing after even a WEEK of using this H(ydrogen) I(nhalation) T(herapy) machine! You’re going to love me!