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More Shoulder and Neck Support

I am finding as I get older, I’m noticing more aches and creaking! What in the world?! ? I hope it’s not this way for you, but just in case it is, I have some good news!

Last week, I did a blog about Sulfurzyme that you can read about when you click this link: Betterlivinghealthclinic.com/want-shoulder-neck-relief/ Now, I want to expand into some additional support for that neck, back, joint and those shoulders!

Lots of people are interested in knowing: what’s the difference between BLM and Agilease? Two products that “appear” to be approximately for the same thing…but hang on. People are getting fantastic results with either ~ OR BOTH! Danette Goodyear quoted, “You can’t use what you don’t have!” and went on to say that everyone needs ONE or BOTH of these products in your DAILY supplement routine.

Let’s talk about BLM first. BLM stands for bone, ligament and muscle support. It was released about 12 years ago and people RAVE about the relief they get with BLM. This is a nutrient combination for people who have or may have a need for this type of support. (Again, probably everyone reading this!) BLM’s combination includes Type II collagen which is the mesh that is needed for calcium to stick to it to be used by the body! But beware! You have heard of this buzzword in the beauty industry! Women are having shots to help improve their faces! You may have to live with looking better after you take this supplement a while! Can you live with that, too? ?

MSM is an element of Sulphur. (Sulphur is NO Sulfa, so if you can’t take a Sulfa drug because you’re allergic to it, this isn’t even the same category.) MSM is known for helping with movement and more smoothly moving flexibility.

BLM is great for people who workout and want help with the muscle recovery, but actually we all need it more when we’re NOT working out because we’re not telling our bodies to make more of what we need because we’re not demanding it! So, there ya go! Even couch potatoes need it OR in all fairness~ when you CAN NOT get out and exercise like you want.

As a testimonial, my husband drives a truck and on a recent trip, he was wiggling and cringing at the same time. Very uncomfortable. I asked, “Are you needing a couple BLM capsules?” He replied, “Yep. Think I do!” In a few minutes after taking a couple, he settled down and was SO much more comfortable. Needless to say we carry these with us all the time now.

Check out the essential oils that are added to this supplement to help with your body being about to absorb and take into your cells for better cooperation of the nutrients! Balsam Fir, Wintergreen and Clove. Research! I’d be here all day and all night giving you the benefits!


Now, we’ll review a little about Agilease. Gary Young, who was key to formulating this next supplement gave a little description about it: BLM on steroids! Haha But, let me clarify again, different people are getting different~ but good results from both! BIG GAME CHANGER HERE! Frankincense! I can’t begin to tell you all the different health benefits of Frankincense! You’ll have to Google it or look on pub med for all the ways this is being used in different countries around the world to change people’s health! (Go figure, I’m not allowed to tell you…rollin’ my eyes about now…)

Side note: Young Living’s Frankincense is THE ONLY source of Frankincense distilled with pure water! From the original sources from all the way back in Biblical times! Oh man. Think a little on that one? What’s the alternative? Chemicals? Yuck.

Moving on, here’s a few more ingredients that you need to research: turmeric. Been hearing a LOT about that one in the news, right? Hyaluronic acid. It’s necessary for the lubricant of joints. The end of your bones secrete fluid to keep them moisturized and moving smoothly. Also, influences the thickness of that fluid.

Added collagen! NOT the cheap kind! We use the MOST bioactive collagen in the world. It’s why Gary chose this kind, because of the results in our body. (Remember the beautiful side affects?) Give me MORE collagen! Haha

Then the added clove, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Copaiba, Wintergreen… GRAB your reference book! These are some POWERFUL oils!



You can see on the labels that the suggested doses are printed, but these are therapeutic dosing. I have known people to use up to 12 BLM a day when an injury strikes. Or 2 Agilease three times a day. You’ll find your sweet spot when you experience the results.

Here’s a little tip: Commit to 3 months of taking your supplements. Sometimes our bodies are so depleted that it’s starving for nutrients and your bones, ligaments and muscles need time to repair!

Here’s just one of my reasons for wanting to keep strong bones and muscles. ?


What’s your reason for needing to stay healthy?


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