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Let’s Get Started! 

It’s great for you since you found my site so we can begin to  make good, healthy changes.   The first step is making an in-person  appointment with us at our office. If you live too far away I have another option! A distance scan is our solution! The distance scan will require you to purchase a remote to keep & use each time you or your family scans. Click HERE to choose your scanning device.

After we choose our device for scanning, you’ll find that the scan is simple & non invasive. You just place your hand on the device, allow the scan to run &   take measurements of YOUR body’s information flow. It then shows us where there are blockages or just slow energy  that would interrupt your immune system from doing its job! (It’s almost like checking to see how well the organs & systems are tuned into their own radio stations-or is there static).

What are some indications that the information isn’t flowing through your immune system freely? Energy levels could be low, emotions can be fluctuating, not feeling well overall in muscles & joints, sleep isn’t happening like it should or maybe you just don’t “feel quite right” without any diagnosis. We want to see what’s going on!

When the scan has completed measuring your body field, it will score the different results within the many categories . It’s then time to review  & choose the remedies (infoceuticals) to open the information highways so you can start feeling better!

You see…it doesn’t matter what the name of the “dis-ease” is!  What matters is that your body field has the chance to correct the interference that cause the “mis” communication to begin with!

A NES Scan is your place to find answers!  I hope I can be of service to you.

NOTE: Another option to get started without a scan is our “FEEL GOOD” infoceuticals. You can purchase any of this selection of remedies at any time.

This is personally, one of my favorites. ESR  (which stands for “Emotional Stress Release” is a drop that works at organizing information in the brain that could result in your feeling super stressed! What happens when you’re super stressed? For me, I can’t think straight & simple things become overwhelming very quickly. Makes me unnecessarily tired. I get my feelings hurt too easily. I can’t make decisions & just plain ole’ depressed. I get nervous & grumpy! I don’t want to do anything but CRY or bite someone’s head off!

For me, I can feel myself calming down within minutes.

The wonderful thing about this drop is that you can’t overdose on it or become addicted to it like prescriptions. It doesn’t interfere with prescriptions because it’s an all natural “imprinted” (similar to a homeopathic but much deeper information) subatomic mineral (which means it’s ready to be used by your cells). AKA: It’s drops that you take in water!

I generally take 6-9 drops in about a 1/2 oz to 1 oz of water.

Check out the list below to order “Feel Good”  infoceuticals that are available without a scan, click

All bottles are $29.95 each

Bottles 1-5 are 8.95 shipping

InfoceuticalDescriptionNES Code
Chill Stress due to adrenal imbalancesES8
EMF Electro Magnetic FieldsEMF
ESR Emotional Stress ReliefESR
Fat                           Metabolism      Fat Met
Female                         Female BalancingES12
Heart Driver

 The Main Computer of the Human Body

Heart Imprinter

 Inside Imprinting of all cells

InfoceuticalDescriptionNES Code
LoveLove (more of an emotional balance) 
MaleMale BalancingES11
Muscle Driver                                   Energy to the MusclesED9
Nerve Driver                                   Balancing of Nerve MessagesED4

A better perspective emotionally & physically


    To help the body balance from seasonal changes


Support for the mind




  The Energy that runs your body day to day


Additional infoceuticals: Day, Night & Cold Flu Immunity Support, Rejuvenation

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Disclaimer: This information is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any illness or disease. It is for informational or educational purposes only. They have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Please seek qualified health professionals and do your own research.
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