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How NES Scans Can Benefit You

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Things happen for a reason. NES Health came about because of Harry Massey. In 2000 he successfully healed himself from severe chronic fatigue syndrome. Mr. Massey was bedridden for seven years and had tried all sorts of conventional and alternative healing techniques.

Just like Dr. Gary Young who researched and discovered the power of essential oils for his health challenges, Harry Massey did his own research and finally found his answers when he met Peter Fraser, a scientific visionary thinker. Mr. Fraser was an acupuncture expert and had the expertise in ‘human body-field’. He had developed remedies based on this concept. Both men founded NES Health – the NES ProVision Scan and Infoceuticals.

NES is short for Nutri-Energetics System. The NES Total WellNES system is designed to read, communicate with and stimulate a change in the energy of the body. We find that NES Health has benefited clients with the following issues-

•    Stress
•    Low energy
•    Chronic fatigue syndrome
•    Fogginess
•    Sleep problems
•    Skin problems – eczema, dermatitis
•    Blocked or suppressed emotions
•    Irritable bowel movement
•    Nerve problems
•    Allergies
•    Food sensitivities
•    Chronic pain
•    Metabolic problems
•    Digestive and bowel issues
•    Hormone imbalance
•    Weight management problems
•    Blood sugar problems
•    Low immunity

The Total WellNES System may allow us to quickly restore a client’s health with the four step process of
•    (Re)Assess
•    Rejuvenate
•    Re-imprint
•    Rebuild
To effectively benefit from these processes, clients are encouraged to have ongoing refinement. Every month you will reassess the body and find out what the immediate needs are and make necessary measures to support that need. Our body systems change with the environment, the food we eat and the circumstances of life.

Here are a few testimonials taken from NESHealth’s website:

Katie S. suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome:
“Within two weeks I wasn’t tired all the time and I keep on seeing improvements every time I see my practitioner.”

John F. suffered from insomnia:
“NES is very accurate, I could feel a shift immediately. I’m a lot happier and it’s a lot more fun living my life this way.”

Ann L. suffered from high levels of stress:
“I’m normally a highly strung person but NES Health helps me to get into balance a lot more quickly. I’m not so stressed anymore. I feel comfortable now and I am a much calmer person than I used to be.”

As a trained Master NES Practitioner, I’ve done the following analysis for my clients on their first visit:
•    Energy Analysis to identify energy blockages in your body’s muscoskeletal system and energy channels.
•    Informational Assessment and Correction: Exploring your body’s entire biofield and highlighting distortions.
•    Energetic Analysis: Identifying energy blockages in the body’s systems.
•    Nutritional & Environmental Analysis: Highlighting issues in your current diet and making recommendations on supplementation.
•    Emotional and Mental Analysis: Pinpointing conflicts and developing effective resolutions.

Everyone is different and each visit is different too. We tailor-make each analysis according to your NES Scan.

If you are looking for ways to achieve wellness and health – I’m here for you. Either contact me for an office visit or send me your hair sample for a hair analysis. That’s the first step to achieving the optimum health you deserve.

Source: NES Health

Disclaimer: This information is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any illness or disease. It is for informational or educational purposes only. They have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Please seek qualified health professionals and do your own research.

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