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Fat Cells Can Increase 600 Times Holding Toxins



Fat Cells Can Increase 600 Times Holding Toxins. NO WONDER  I couldn't lose any weight! If you are doing everything right and still holding fat cells- it may be, your fat cells are holding toxins. Toxins in your digestive system can get you out of balance. These toxins not only keep showing up on our waistline, they suck out the energy, concentration power and clarity of our body and mind.

Zyto Select Biocommunication allows me to:
•    Measure the energetic stress of your organs and systems
•    Identify food sensitivites and environmental sensitivities
•    Identify hidden stressors in your body such as bacteria, viruses, candida, heavy metals, chemical and more
•    Pinpoint specific remedies to bring your body into balance

Here's how it works:

A Zyto scan takes measurements of your electrical "shortages" in your body and immune system. Shows where the information isn't traveling or where it's "stuck”, then matches that with a supplement, essential oil and or homeopathic that would help that "shortage" be repaired for clear communication again.

Do you know which food is causing you to hold toxins?

Food sensitivities, food allergies and food intolerance affects 15 million Americans and almost 6 million of them are children. It is reported that every 3 minutes, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency department. (Source: Discovery Channel)

But most suffer in silence either from digestive problems, weight problems, mood swings, skin problems and lots more.

Worst yet, many don’t even know they have food sensitivities!

Some suffer when their digestive system can’t burn or digest the food. In simple terms, your body doesn’t know what to do with the food overload and just stores them as toxins. Imagine if you are sensitive to potatoes and you eat potatoes three times a week. What are they doing to your energy levels? They's taking up too much of your energy to try and process these through your body & therefore creating havoc on your system.

There are ways to reduce or eliminate food sensitivities and stop toxin build up in your fat cells. According to Zyto Communication:

Your body is connected and constantly communicating between systems and cells. This communication is critical to basic life functions, like moving, growing, and healing, all taking place on a subconscious level. (Source: Zyto)

Your body is uniquely made.

What suits you may not suit your spouse or friend. Your body’s preference for nutrition, vitamins, minerals and enzymes are different. But which nutrition and food will help you achieve and maintain peak performance? And which may harm you?

Zyto communication takes out all the guesswork by providing specific information and care needed for you to feel better, achieve balance and have more energy. It helps identify your body’s biological preference for things related to your health.

Here are 6 reasons to get a Zyto Biocommunication Scan:

1.    Get insight into your health.
2.    Identify your biological preference for nutrition- one size does not fit all! Choose the right nutritional supplement for optimum health.
3.    Save money- stop wasting your money on nutritional supplements you don’t need.
4.    Increase energy- identify what your body needs to maintain balance and keep your energy levels high.
5.    Track your health.
6.    Verbal communication has limitations- using words to explain how you feel can be a big challenge.

Are you struggling with weight problems, low energy or overall poor health? What if your answer is in the food you eat or in the nutrition you lack?

I am here to help. Call or email me for your personal Zyto Scan today. Call at 704-880-5782 or email me at betterliving@yadtel.net.

Food Sensitivities Scan

Disclaimer: This information is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any illness or disease. It is for informational or educational purposes only. They have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Please seek qualified health professionals and do your own research.

Photo credit: Photo taken from YoungLiving.com


Do you Wash you Kids?

better Living video series official

Living without as many chemicals as you possibly can!  I like to do this because I don't think people are really aware of how much they expose themselves or their children to chemicals. We need to start looking at options that are better for ourselves and our  children for their long term health.

Let's start with: What are some of the things that have changed with childhood illnesses compared to just a few years ago?

Here's a post from Organic Gardening about ADHD/ADD: http://www.organicgardening.com/living/adhd-causes-home quoting,  " The disorder has already been linked to pesticides found in chemically grown food, and now Gump has shown in a new study that one of the chemical causes of ADHD might be perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), a class of highly toxic chemicals used to make stain- and water-repellent fabrics and nonstick cookware that linger in the environment for very long periods of time, building up in the blood of animals that enter the food chain and, ultimately, in people."

A post from MD-Health on hormonal imbalances with chemicals being quoted as a possible cause. http://www.md-health.com/Hormone-Imbalance.html

If you stopped and made a list of all the different products that you use in your home or on your body, I think you'd be shocked! Let's take the test:

Do you or your children:

* Take a shower or bath?
*Wash your hair?
*Condition your hair?
*Wash your body? (with what?)
*Body Spray?
*Apply lotion?
*Put hair treatment in? (Gel, spray,etc?)
*Shave your legs & what did you use?
*Toner on your face?
*Lipstick? (really bad one)

What about the baby or children?
*Baby lotions

*Did you use air fresheners?
*Brush your teeth?

Did you answer YES to any of these? Then more than likely you've been putting chemicals into your body without even thinking about it!

caleb & calf(Calf got tired of being "rodeo-ed!" )

Children are NOT little adults. Pound for pound, kids are exposed to more contaminants in air, water, food, and personal care products than adults. Immature organ systems are often less capable of fending off chemical assaults. Subtle damage to developing bodies may lead to disease later in life.


Women, with their average of 5lbs a year of added chemicals to their body, may have hormonal imbalances, headaches, fibromyalgia, digestive problems, exhaustion, poor concentration & on & on!

Here is a good site to visit to see all the chemicals in our everyday products.


Search for as many chemical free products to put on yourself & your families. Women, whether we like it or not, the responsibility usually falls into our laps to make sure the changes happen. There are several companies that claim "natural" or "organic"~so you will have to do your homework.  Check the labels & go back to the link above to look at your chemicals.

Here is a video I found from Dr. Pompa talking about the TOP TEN:

(He mentions specifically air fresheners! Diffuse good therapeutic grade oils. )

If you would like to make it easy, then here's the link for most of the products I mentioned above that are plant based & actually GOOD for you.


My family is  in the process of making a change every week. When will you start the changes for your family?
thieves kitshampoos

art essential rewards pack

Disclaimer: Not meant to diagnose or claim to cure.

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The Emotion & Illness Connection, Con’t

better Living video series official

Last week, I did a blog post about the connection between the "Siamese Twins" of emotions & physical illnesses. If you didn't get to read that one & see the chart, then you can review that here: http://betterlivinghealthclinic.com/emotions-illnesses/  Now, we'll explore the emotion & illness connection, con't!

So many times, I have clients who come into my office, who can't seem to figure out why they can't get "well". They've tried so many things & are discouraged about why they make no progress. Once, we determine the emotions that go along with the particular physical problem that they're having, it sometimes amazes me how quickly they make a turn for the better!.

This information is SO valuable because, there are times, when you understand the connection, it will help you to have more grace & patience with the person (if it isn't yourself) that can't seem to get well, They may be in denial or they may not recognize it! If they don't recognize it, then it would be a good idea to get a scan. You can read about distance scanning if you can't come in person: http://betterlivinghealthclinic.com/hair-analysis/  

**In the following video, I didn't realize the wind was blowing in the mic, but if you'll listen past the first minute or two, it gets a lot better.

Connections between Emotions Illnesses from Sandra G Wallace on Vimeo.

This is when I began so much of my healing. When the scan would show a certain emotion, then I would take the time to STOP & think about what in my life would have caused that emotion to show up~& acknowledge it, then deal with it in a positive way.  I personally use talking time with God & my essential oils.

My desire is that someone can find freedom & relief from a burden that may have been haunting you for a long time. Freedom from any stored emotion that is slowing down your immune system.

If anyone would like for me to pray for you, email me at betterliving@yadtel.net.


May you have some relief!



Connecting Emotions & Illnesses

When I first started studying natural health, I was only in it to correct imbalances in my body & just feel better. You know, to avoid certain chemicals, take herbs & get back to more natural things.

But as I studied more, the more I realized the impact that our emotions have on our physical bodies! The Bible has been telling us this all along & Traditional Chinese medicine has been reinforcing this for us.

Take a look at the chart below & mentally take inventory of your life.

Emotions and organs chart

Have you every noticed that when you get angry that maybe the right side of your neck & shoulders get stiff or ache? Or possibly you may have to run to the bathroom for an emergency trip? Either one of those can be a result of your getting angry. Being angry a lot, whether you let it out or keep it packed in~has a tremendous affect on your gallbladder & liver!  I have people who have never connected that right shoulder & neck to the gallbladder either! They laugh & say: But my gallbladder is down there & my neck is way up here! LOL!  Everything is interconnected!

I was at a business/self-improvement seminar a few years ago & this is one of the FIRST things that was addressed that very first day. (Must be pretty important to be put as priority in that setting, too!) Here’s what we had to do:

1) Recognize that EVERYONE has faults & will do things wrong from time to time.

2) That I am in EVERY problem that  I’ve ever had. (I had to laugh & agree with this one!)

3) Make a list of all my shortcomings or things that I would like to overcome & change.

4) We were then instructed to stand up in groups of 8 & admit what we wanted to change about ourselves.

5) We then had to forgive OURSELVES for our own faults, bad choices & mistakes!

There was something VERY POWERFUL in doing that. It was a period of time that I had to look inside myself & study what was on MY inside!  To take inventory about what I HAD to look at in me. To realize that I will have to answer about how I handled different situations and not HOW THE OTHER person handled it. This was VERY FREEING!  I felt like I’d had a million tons lifted off my body.

To look even deeper, you can NOT separate the physical from the emotional. We may not know which came first, but one ALWAYS influences the other.  Whether the emotional has triggered the physical or the physical has triggered the emotional. The first step is just RECOGNIZING that it is there. To admit it, pray about it and to take a step to change it.

If you’re having a hard time deciding what is having the most impact on your body, then you may want to get a NESHealth scan. It addresses both the physical & emotional influences. If you can’t travel to me, then learn more about NES by  clicking  HERE. I use this scan to find blockages in the information flow of the immune system. There are natural drops that go along with this scan. The beauty of it is, that I can also help build your protocol with essential oils to restore this “mis” communication, also!

If you  want to begin learning about essential oils to start your emotional repair, then click HERE.

Be blessed and BE FREE! 

Many hugs & hugs!

Sandra Wallace


Ningxia Red. Not just a juice.

Ningxia Red is not just an ordinary mixture of juices. So what is it?


“A wolfberry elixir that promotes longevity was passed to an elderly man…who lived for over a hundred years. This man could walk extremely fast as if he was flying and his gray hair turned black again. The herb can be taken often to eliminate excessive heat in the body and will also improve vision" Li Shiz Hen, a Chinese Physician 1593 A.D


Ningxia Red is an amazing recipe of juices & Young Living Essential Oils to nourish your cells & immune system with a boost of energy! This combination of ingredients make the cell’s environment favorable for the liver (which is known for its ability to regenerate & make itself new) & your kidneys (which are quite famous for cleansing your blood). These are called “downloads”. The body uses these downloads to remove toxins, chemicals such as preservatives, additives, excess sugar & general “junk” out of your body! Things that have stored up in there for years or even what you ate & drank last night. If the house is full of trash, it needs to be carried out!



Did you know, that you would have to drink QUARTS of other juices to equal ONE OUNCE of Ningxia Red to reap the repairing ability & health benefits? QUARTS! This makes Ningxia Red a bargain alone!

 For a detailed product sheet on Ningxia Red, click here:http://sandrawallace.marketingscents.com/go/ms-ningxia


Ningxia Red has a glycemic index of 10.57. Grapefruit is 26 & table sugar is 83.


Ningxia Red is also known to reduce cravings which is a culprit in overeating ~which leads to weight gain!


Ningxia Red has also been  shown to give support to the following :


    Cardiovascular System


    Blood Pressure

    Cholesterol (within normal range)

    Helps to control buildup of yeast in your system that causes bloating & “rumbling” of the tummy & bowels.



    And even chromium! (Polysacharide fiber that can promote good bacteria in the intestines)

All of this & it has the added Essential oils of Orange, Grapeseed extract, Tangerine & Lemon! We all have been reading reports about how citrus oils help to correct the crazy “out of control” cells in our bodies!

When you count the costs of buying supplements from other sources, that may have to be broken down in the digestive system…how much are you reaping from your investment? You have SO much in this ONE product that could replace SO MANY of your other supplements. AND I vote for a liquid supplement, too. I believe it’s easier absorbed into my system.

So take the 90 day challange & commit to taking at least 2 ounces of Ningxia Red a day! Then come back here or to my Facebook Page & give your testimonial on how your body changed for you!

Ningxia Red. Not just a juice.


Some people are shower people & some people are "die hard" bath soakers! I will confess up front. I am a soaker! My bath time is, to me, more about relaxing, balancing my mind & washing off all the day's stresses. I just want peace & tranquility~not so much about being physically clean~which is just another side effect of soaking! 

I am about to give you some hints on making a few, simple, inexpensive changes to your bathroom to completely cheer up your bathing mood!

1) Clean the bathroom~if you have time. That way, you won't be in the tub looking around saying to yourself, "I really need to clean this bathroom! If it's clean, then you're mind is going to ease with one less worry. 

2) Have a focal point. BE SURE to have something in your bathroom that you love to look at. It may be a beach scene, a flower garden or just a family portrait. Personally, I have a cottage & garden scene in mine, because I'm from the country & that represents peace to me. NOTE: I don't like people staring  at me~even if it is a photograph! lol

bathroom view

3) Candles. I personally don't like to burn candles. I really don't know what the ingredients in the candles are. So I like to use battery operated candles. My favorite ones are the ones that look like they're flickering like a real candle without all the "off gases" from a real fragranced or dyed candle. Here are some tricks that I use to create a relaxed atmosphere without burning candles but still use some of the gorgeous designer candles you might find on sale.


4) Pretty towels or just clean fresh towels. Folded pretty on the side of the tub. Most of us can't get away to a spa & hot tub~BUT we can pretend. Make our body & mind believe that we're being treated to a special occasion.

5) Music. I love to have a little music or sounds on that do NOT make me think. That "soothe the soul" so to speak. You can get on www.pandora.com & create your own station. Nature sounds, soft jazz, classical or anything you like that brings happy, relaxed memories. I have the free version & I really don't get that many commercials thrown in. I have the app put on my phone so I can access it at any time. 

What you may not realize is the brain responds continuously to what you see, hear, touch, taste & smell. So far, we have calmed & soothed 3 of the 5.

6) Create your basic bath water by adding 1/2 to 1 cup of Espom Salts or Living Clay. These will allow you to add any fragrances to your water without them stinging the skin. 

epsom salt

7) Aroma. I like to add 5-10 drops of essential oils to my bath water~but ONLY therapeutic grade oils that I have knowledge & confidence that they have been raised & distilled so as not to add a toxic load to me body. (Hey! I'm trying to get rid of stuff NOT soak in something that is going to add to my burden! ) Lavender, Release & Transformation are incredible oils to help you process your emotions of the day. Helps the body to let go of negative feelings that have stored in your body & taken so much of you energy.

Now, get in. Breathe deeply. Relax & let the worries of the day just melt off into the bath. Rejuvenated Don't you feel like we've taken the right steps to Cheer up your bathing mood with aromatherapy essential oils?

Here is an amazing kit to help you process your emotions & become more balanced.

feelings-oilsClick HERE to ask me any questions that you might have about this article or maybe just to get started using essential oils.


A Wrinkle in Time? Wink! Wink!

A Wrinkle in Time? Wink! Wink! Wait! Don't wink too much, it'll cause more wrinkles!

I usually concentrate on essential oils. I realized that I haven't been fair to you by keeping this one particular subject virtually to myself! 

I want to talk to you about skincare & using chemical laden cosmetics.

I decided I needed to do this for you, when I heard my daughter say, "Mama, I had "suggested" some things to my boss for skin care & just didn't bring it up again for a while. When the subject did come up again, then her boss said, "Well, I just went to (mall) and spent $300 to get my skincare." " Well, that was a bummer, to say the least! Not only was this a disappointment, but to know that she more than likely is packing in the chemicals through her skincare, toner & mask! Let it SOOOOOOAK in…

art beauty set

Young Living has a skincare line that is fabulous! Why? Because these were created to emphasize your inherent beauty in a safe, natural way that doesn’t compromise your long-term health! 

You really don't stop to think about your skincare products affecting your HEALTH did you? Do you know that reports all on the internet report that women could be absorbing up to 5lbs a year of chemicals in their bodies? It would make perfect sense, since we use skincare, masks, foundation, eye shadow, hair spray & on & on. PLUS the way we use our cleaning products (which is a different subject for a different day!) 

 It's time that we paid attention to what we're putting on our bodies & not just what we're putting IN our bodies! The ART Skincare system is based on botanicals & essential oils! 


Here is a partial list of ingredients to give you a little insight,  since I don't have time to go into every ingredient of what you can look forward to in the lART Light Moisturizer:

 Betaine, Theobroma grandiflorum (Cupuacu) seed butter, Glyceryl stearate, Olea europaea (Olive) fruit unsaponifiables, Sodium stearoyl lactylate, Squalane, Lecithin, Lonicera caprifolium (Honeysuckle) flower extract, Lonicera japonica (Honeysuckle) leaf extract, Glycine soja (Soybean) sterols, Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (Guar) gum, Dipotassium glycyrrhizate Opuntia ficus-indica leaf cell extract, , Santalum paniculatum† (Royal Hawaiian™ Sandalwood) wood oil, Boswellia carterii† (Frankincense) oil, Quillaja saponaria wood extract, Leucojum aestivum bulb extract, Orchis mascula flower extract, Polygonum aviculare extract, Tocopherol, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Benzyl alcohol (natural) †100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oil Opuntia ficus-indica leaf cell extract, Sodium phytate, Xanthan gum, Santalum paniculatum† (Royal Hawaiian™ Sandalwood) wood oil, Boswellia carterii† (Frankincense) oil, Quillaja saponaria wood extract, Leucojum aestivum bulb extract, Orchis mascula flower extract, Polygonum aviculare extract, Tocopherol, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Benzyl alcohol (natural) †100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oil.

Young Living goes to great lengths to make sure that the ingredients come from botanical sources.

Now, I have to present to you MY FAVORITE product of them all! 

cream mask

Young Living has brought the age-defying and Wellness benefits of the world’s finest spas directly into your home with the A·R·T Creme Masque. This formula is designed to deeply moisturise and fortify your skin’s natural defenses using our exclusive blend of hyaluronic acid and pure essential oils. The Creme Masque targets the effects of aging to help you maintain wellness, younger-looking skin.

All-natural botanicals such as cucumber extract, aloe vera, vitamin C, and green tea are added to soothe, protect, and tighten delicate areas of the face, leaving skin feeling more youthful and radiant. Use this product daily with any of the A·R·T line of products to discover the lasting benefits of essential oil-infused skin care.

I have been a country girl all my life! I've ridden horses, raked hay on a tractor, love mowing the yard & of course~out on the four wheeler chasing cows when needed! Then, soaking up some rays on the pontoon! And yours truly, wasn't the best in the world at taking care of her skin. I know. I know. That was stupid, but as usual~hind sight is 20/20! So now, I've had some discolorations, & some creaping wrinkles coming on& with the winter months & dry heat in the house~well…need I say more except: I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! 

When I apply this cream mask, almost immediately my skin feels so soft and smooth. I apply a little extra in my "special" places. Under my eyes, around my mouth and my frown lines. You can't see it because it's cream & your skin absorbs so much of it! I love to wear it all night & even under my makeup with the regular moisturizer when I feel like I need more hydration & I like it that I have a barrier between my skin & makeup with these natural products!

It leaves my skin feeling soft & smooth. I actually catch myself running my hand across my face because it feels so smooth. 

Do you know that reports all on the internet report that women could be absorbing up to 5lbs a year of chemicals in their bodies? It would make perfect sense, since we use skincare, masks, foundation, eye shadow, hair spray & on & on. PLUS the way we use our cleaning products (which is a different subject for a different day!) 

Another "beauty" of using these products is: that you can purchase them retail or wholesale (a 24% discount)  with the option of saving even more by purchasing through our Essential Rewards (at least ANOTHER 10% discount) program! Click HERE if you want to get started with your new, improved & healthy skincare line! OR just email me at sgwallace@yadtel.net!  I can help you out! 

I want to STOP More Than "A "Wrinkle" in Time? Wink! Wink! Do you?

Have a blessed day! 






This is your "End of the Month" SPECIAL! (Four Available) How can it be, Free Kit?

If course, you guys know how pasionate I am over essential oils~but only AWESOME GRADE essential oils.So here's my deal for you: 

peace & calming pic

Get the kit that you see above (variations of a couple oils may apply) PLUS a 400+ page Quick Reference Guide  : 

                                                 A $20 value

Quick reference book

And THEN TWO FREE ZYTO scans! (A $125 value!) zyto-compass001

ONE for YOU & ONE for a friend! (Can be given as a gift!) (To be redeemed at the Harmony, NC office. Distance scans have special terms, if interested Contact me).

ALL OF THE ABOVE:  ONLY $150!!  Like getting your kit for FREE!


 (Offer good until March 31, 2015) My PERSONAL account only. 🙂 


Warm wishes & much health!

Sandra Wallace



Where do I Start my Men to get Healthier?


Where do I start my men to get healthier? One of the first things that clients ask me when they come into my office is "what is a good supplement to support good cholesterol?" or "what can I take as a good all around daily vitamin?" I want to help you get started on a couple supplements to cover as much area of your health as I can.

When they ask me those questions, I begin to tell them the usual: that I'm not a nutritionists, neither can I diagnose or claim to cure! Then we go into the conversation that one IMPORTANT thing that I've learned is, that "whatever you take, your body HAS to be able to recognize the ingredients in that supplement in order for your body to use it!" WhatEVER it is!

Before we concentrate on our TWO for this blog, I want you to understand WHY it's important to pay attention to some very important qualitites of any supplement that you take.One of the first things that I learned when being groomed for my journey of becoming a natural healthcare practitoner is, that your body HAS to be able to USE the vitamin, herb or mineral that you're putting into your system or you're just "flushing" your money down the toilett! Literally.

Think about the tablets or capsules that are full of "processed" ingredients that the body DOES NOT recognize. When the body doesn't recognize or KNOW what to do with these supplements, then it does one of two things:

1) Get rid of it or

2) Store it back "somewhere" in your body until it can get the right information as to what to do with it.

In all actuality, you could be doing more harm than good taking a load of supplements that your body has to work overtime to figure out what to do with it. That's why it's important that the cells be able to carry good ingredients through your body & put them to use in building up you up & not wasting your energy.

Did you realize that your body operates on frequencies? According to Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology in Cheny, Washington~who developed technology that can measure these frequencies of the human body found that the human body during the day operates at an approximate frequency of 62-68 MHz. That "very common bad disease that everyone fears" (FDA Censored that word) begins at around 42Hhz. I tell you this because you want to be using supplements that have as high a frequency that you can use because if they don't then you're wasting your money!

This is why I support using supplements that are infused with Essential Oils & Wolfberry. You see? Plain dried herbs average around 12-22 Mhz. An essential oil ranges from 52-320 Mhz! So why would you NOT want to include & essential oil into your dried herbs to enhance their effectivess for the GOOD of your body. NOT side effects!

Even most medical doctors agree & recommend that a patient use a cholesterol supportive supplements, bone & joint support, Vitamin D3 and a daily multivitamin.

Here is basic examples of essential oil enhanced/infused supplements that are recommended by doctors to their patients. We just want you to get some "bang for your buck"!

ONE of your Calcium choices:

1) Super Cal: (120 count)


Has the needed & added Magnesium to it.This activateds more than 300 enzmes in the body! Also with potassium & zinc. It's infused with therapeutic grade essential oils :

Majoram-supports the cardiovascular system, muscles & bones.
WIntergreen- suppors muscles & bones
Lemongrass-supports muscles, bones, Immune system & healthy cholesterol levels
Myrtle-supports hormonal, respiratory, muscles & bones

GREAT News! Super Cal comes in at: 78Mhz! A "little higher" than our 68-72Mhz for an average healthy body~don't you think! Did you realize that the common cold hovers around 58Mhz?! Hmm…..

Men seem to be the worst about taking care of themselves! Most of the time, we women worry more about their health that they do! Another bit of good news! There is a product called:

2) Master Formula HIS: (120 Count)

Master form his
This one supports their male reproductive organs, emotional balance, immune system, nervous system, bones, joints & teeth,  too! It has your D3 (400 IU's) per dose unit:


master formula HIS
This comes in at a whopping 86Mhz! That should give him a little energy!

Well, I hope this has given you a starting place to help the men in your lives feel better. (Which automatically makes YOU feel better! *wink *wink!)

You can get these supplements HERE & purchase Retail Or Wholesale at a 24% discount AT LEAST.

Blessings to you all with Hugs & Hugs!!



Four Steps to Beating “The Blues”

Are you serious? This has happened to me? What next? Then "The Blues" set in…

I think we all have been there for one reason or another! For example, someone hurt your feelings, the job offer didn't come through or the car broke down and you don't have the funds in the bank to take care of it! The list can go on and on. 

4 Steps to Getting Out of the Blues

Let's take a look at what can cause the blues? When the immune system perceives a “shock”, it literally doesn’t know the difference between physical or emotional. The immune system is designed to protect our body from damage whatever the cause.

In the energetic health realm, you don’t know what comes first, the physical or emotional . The immune system will still turn off switches if it becomes alarmed that too much is being put on your system. It will manifest in one of two ways. Hence, physical or emotional When your “switches” have been kicked off because of that shock, then “dis-eases” will be forming in you body. Whether emotional or physical, because the immune system has to “store” it somewhere until it can determine WHERE to send it! And I don't care what situation you're in, storing clutter will suck the energy out of you! 

I don’t care who you are. We’re all susceptible to “THE BLUES”. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man, woman, saved or unsaved. Things can be going good for you this week, but then next week…who knows?! We’re going to talk today about 4 steps to help prepare us for the bad times & controlling the blues as much as possible.

First of all, take a look around you. If there’s one thing that is consistant in life~ it is: Nothing stays the same. Life is GOING TO HAPPEN. It is a good idea to make up your mind to open up 2 emotional savings accounts. One for feast (good) & one for famine (bad)! This is just life. It’s guaranteed good things are going to come & bad things are going to come, too. The Bible tells us this in is Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”.

We don’t like to think about the hard things that we all may have to deal with. But since we will inevitably have to, we need to build ourselves up so that it won’t be such a shock on our systems when something bad happens like losing a job, losing your home or God forbid, losing someone you love. All which can easily end in what we call “The Blues”.

Here are 4 steps to help deal with “The Blues”.

1) Avoid faulty thinking & rest in God. You can’t make people do what you want them to! Only God can do that! Read Phillippians 4:8 “…whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report….think on these things. “ (Modified by me  ).

2) Know God is with you. Stay in the “now” & just take it one hour at a time to work through it. Don’t spend your time blaming other people for your problem. Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Whatever “this” is~ may not be about YOU! It may be to change something in someone else’s life! It may hurt like everything & you may just have to give it up & tell God He will have to handle it because you’re too weak. Then let Him.

3) Memorize your Bible verses ahead of time. Be prepared. This means to get your toolbox ready before the car breaks down. John 14:1 “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.”

The only way we can know God is to know HIS WORD. So get in there & read your Bible! The Bible is your sword to fight our everyday battles! Don’t wish you knew what to repeat in your heart AFTER the attack has hit!

4) Don’t blame yourself for what you perceive as a “weakness” in yourself. Like:

               a) “Why am I not stronger?”
               b) “Why does it seem as if everyone else handles this better than I?”
               c) “If I have questions, then that must mean my faith is weak!”

Simply put. No. It doesn’t mean all these things! In I Kings 18, Elijah was victorious in proving that Baal was a false god! He demonstrated the boldest, wildest demonstration of impossible things while God rained down fire from heaven completely burning up a water soaked alter! Next thing you know, a little ole’ peaved Jezebel woman told him she was gonna have some big bad men find him & kill him and HE RAN FOR HIS LIFE! From HER!! NOT from hundreds of Baal prophets! Then told God to just kill him. He was tired of life!

So, don’t think that God still isn’t walking with you right by your side the whole time you’re “down in the dumps”. The promise is: “This too shall pass”. Next month or next year may be your “feast time”! Just get through your valley right now until you reach the other side!

Here is outside help with some oils that may help you reach the other side of your valley.

Oil Option #1:Young Livng Essential Oil Blend Release: Beating the Blues: Release Essential Oil

To help you to “release” the stress, drama, grief & hurt. I have also known people who use this for "supporting"  a healthy blood  pressure.Well duh, most people don't rush to work on something that's already working right. 😉

Oil Option #2: Present Time. Another YL Oil Blend to help your mind that can be stuck from things in the past~all the way to the fear of the future. May help you get back to"the here and now" so you can make sound decisions.Beat the Blues: Present Time essential oil

Oil Option #3: Lavender. An adaptogen. Which means it is used by your body to help it adapt to every situation. Very balancing energetically whether you need sleep OR whether you need an energy boost. Your body will know what to do with it!4664222439_a115102ac5_m

To review: Avoid faulty thinking, don’t blame others, memorize your Bible verses & don’t waste your time questioning your faith. Just hurry & run to The Lord! He’s always there!

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