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Where do I Start my Men to get Healthier?


Where do I start my men to get healthier? One of the first things that clients ask me when they come into my office is "what is a good supplement to support good cholesterol?" or "what can I take as a good all around daily vitamin?" I want to help you get started on a couple supplements to cover as much area of your health as I can.

When they ask me those questions, I begin to tell them the usual: that I'm not a nutritionists, neither can I diagnose or claim to cure! Then we go into the conversation that one IMPORTANT thing that I've learned is, that "whatever you take, your body HAS to be able to recognize the ingredients in that supplement in order for your body to use it!" WhatEVER it is!

Before we concentrate on our TWO for this blog, I want you to understand WHY it's important to pay attention to some very important qualitites of any supplement that you take.One of the first things that I learned when being groomed for my journey of becoming a natural healthcare practitoner is, that your body HAS to be able to USE the vitamin, herb or mineral that you're putting into your system or you're just "flushing" your money down the toilett! Literally.

Think about the tablets or capsules that are full of "processed" ingredients that the body DOES NOT recognize. When the body doesn't recognize or KNOW what to do with these supplements, then it does one of two things:

1) Get rid of it or

2) Store it back "somewhere" in your body until it can get the right information as to what to do with it.

In all actuality, you could be doing more harm than good taking a load of supplements that your body has to work overtime to figure out what to do with it. That's why it's important that the cells be able to carry good ingredients through your body & put them to use in building up you up & not wasting your energy.

Did you realize that your body operates on frequencies? According to Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology in Cheny, Washington~who developed technology that can measure these frequencies of the human body found that the human body during the day operates at an approximate frequency of 62-68 MHz. That "very common bad disease that everyone fears" (FDA Censored that word) begins at around 42Hhz. I tell you this because you want to be using supplements that have as high a frequency that you can use because if they don't then you're wasting your money!

This is why I support using supplements that are infused with Essential Oils & Wolfberry. You see? Plain dried herbs average around 12-22 Mhz. An essential oil ranges from 52-320 Mhz! So why would you NOT want to include & essential oil into your dried herbs to enhance their effectivess for the GOOD of your body. NOT side effects!

Even most medical doctors agree & recommend that a patient use a cholesterol supportive supplements, bone & joint support, Vitamin D3 and a daily multivitamin.

Here is basic examples of essential oil enhanced/infused supplements that are recommended by doctors to their patients. We just want you to get some "bang for your buck"!

ONE of your Calcium choices:

1) Super Cal: (120 count)


Has the needed & added Magnesium to it.This activateds more than 300 enzmes in the body! Also with potassium & zinc. It's infused with therapeutic grade essential oils :

Majoram-supports the cardiovascular system, muscles & bones.
WIntergreen- suppors muscles & bones
Lemongrass-supports muscles, bones, Immune system & healthy cholesterol levels
Myrtle-supports hormonal, respiratory, muscles & bones

GREAT News! Super Cal comes in at: 78Mhz! A "little higher" than our 68-72Mhz for an average healthy body~don't you think! Did you realize that the common cold hovers around 58Mhz?! Hmm…..

Men seem to be the worst about taking care of themselves! Most of the time, we women worry more about their health that they do! Another bit of good news! There is a product called:

2) Master Formula HIS: (120 Count)

Master form his
This one supports their male reproductive organs, emotional balance, immune system, nervous system, bones, joints & teeth,  too! It has your D3 (400 IU's) per dose unit:


master formula HIS
This comes in at a whopping 86Mhz! That should give him a little energy!

Well, I hope this has given you a starting place to help the men in your lives feel better. (Which automatically makes YOU feel better! *wink *wink!)

You can get these supplements HERE & purchase Retail Or Wholesale at a 24% discount AT LEAST.

Blessings to you all with Hugs & Hugs!!


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