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Why I do what I do!

“Holistic”=helping the whole body work better!

I want to tell you why I do what I do. I grew up in an unhealthy family. I was number four of four children. Now, don’t get me wrong. I loved my family. But to be honest, we were really limited in what we got to do.

My mama had fibromyalgia and other health complications. She was in pain most of the time and going from doctor to doctor to try and find some help. She found VERY LITTLE. It was always the offer of one medicine or the other to help mask the symptoms (which was necessary to survive!)  Most of my life, she didn’t feel like doing anything fun. She hardly ever felt like eating out or shopping for very long at a time. And I missed out on all of that.

I decided I didn’t want to live like that. That’s what sparked my interest in becoming  a practitioner!  I experienced the benefits from holistic treatment – as well as my children! When they had brohchitis, we went to a natural clinic. A few homeopathics and herbs and my kids were over it – lickety split!

When my daughter started having seizures at about 3 years old…we did the rounds with the tests and big hospital-and they had not a clue, but wanted her on seizure meds. She was a zombie. I then called the doctor to tell him I could live with a seizure once in a while than without my daughter (being drugged). HE AGREED! And gave me an emergency dose of something IF we needed it.

Medical is wonderful for emergencies and have saved multitudes of lives. But on a day to day basis, alot of what we run to the doctor for antibiotics so much really is unnecessary if we just feed the body what it needs to repair itself. And if one needs something for symptoms-then homeopathics are great for that. Build the body UP and not add more confusion. Synthetics add confusion to the immune system.

This is why I’m a practitioner. To teach my children to take care of themselves and their children. Now, it’s evolved with helping others learn to have an alternative to running for something to Cover up what’s causing the problem.

I wish mama had had this kind of care earlier in her life so she could have had some enjoyment.

This is alot of the reasons that I do what I do.  Family and friends……..

Hope you live a “Better Life”!!

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  • tascha.piatt February 16, 2012, 5:01 pm

    Thank you for sharing this. I have begun a journey to learning these things to help my own family be healthier and have less cause to take “medicines. ” I only recently stumbled upon your blog and it has been enlightening. thank you!

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