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My name is Sandra G. Wallace.  I’m married with six children, four of which still live at home.

I have home~schooled over 25 years and my youngest is 10 years old now (and STILL have 2 more to home~school as we speak! I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be “mostly” at home with them and that is where my “heart” remains. Because of this down~home love,  good recipes & beautiful decorating are a must in my life!

Having all of these children is what The Lord used to lead me into natural healthcare. To start my journey, I had my life changed many years ago by a “Natural Healthcare Practitioner’.  After one of the many children that I had when in my early twenties-my health had declined and I just had that “feeling” inside that I was dying!  My husband’s father believed in natural healthcare and suggested that I go see this practitioner. I did, and as the old saying goes…”The rest is history!”  I couldn’t believe how fast a person’s health and mentality could be turned around by using a few drops! The depression lifted, the energy returned & I felt alive again!

To make this long story short:  I feel that I’ve been “called” to carry on this practice of natural health for the sake of my children and those who feel as I do and want my help.

My education includes:

*The American Academy of Clinical Homeopathy where I received my diploma as a Clinical Homeopath

*Bioenergetic Research Institute where I’ve been certified as a NES Practitioner and then advanced to being certified as a Master NES Practitioner.

* “O-Ring” Point Testing

*Korean Hand Therapy and I practice Kinesiology (muscle testing)

* Raindrop Technique practitioner in training


Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself! Sandra G. Wallace, DAHom, Master NES Practitioner

Remember! I can  work by appointments only!  

(For fulfilling all the rules & regulations that I know of and a lot that I don’t know of, PLEASE insert the words “may or might” into any information that you read on this page, including my whole website for the sake of our laws & government.)