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Let me introduce you to our massage therapist!

Amelia L. Wallace, LMBT

Absolute Harmony Massage

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At the NC School of Massage, Tai Chi is part of the education to teach therapist to take care of themselves so that they can take care of you.


That is a first in all walks of life…”If you don’t take care of yourself…   then HOW are you going to take care of others?

It’s very important to not only be educated in the mechanics of massage–but just as important to be intuitive to each client’s need.

If she can do it blindfolded….then just think what she can do when she can see!

Specializing in neck, shoulders and back…where the majority of clients manifest their stress with pain or stiffness.

Her prices are to fit practically every budget.

We’re all working to help you live a Better Life through Better Living and now with “Absolute Harmony” Massage!

We’re here for you……..

Certified in Swedish massage (relaxing) and  Neuromuscular Therapy (working out the sore points) … Specializing in shoulder, neck and backs.
15 minute neck & head relief       $15.00
30 minute massage                      $30.00
1 hour massage                            $50.00!
1 1/2 hour                                       $75.00
2 hour                                             $90.00

Call, text or email to set up your appointment TODAY!
Phone: 704-883-2524 or visit: