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Animal Scans, too!

NesHealth works on animals, too!

We all feel like our animals, whether dogs, cats, horses, cows, goats~ the list goes on and are just an extension of our family. We love them, too!

Have you taken your pet or farm animal & can’t get any answers? Or maybe, they just can’t find anything wrong & you “know” that something is going on or just “not right?”

That’s where I can help you! The NesHealth scan can show us WHERE in their immune system there is low energy or blocked energy~ which could cause them not to feel well!

This is a non-invasive scan which only takes a few seconds from start to finish. It’s just taking a measurement of their electron, photons & phonons. Yes. Big words for ingredients in the immune system. When we discover what’s going on in their bodies, then we can address the issue with all natural drops that can clear up the “static” on their radio stations. Kinda like a liquid acupuncture. We decide how many when we look at the scan, discuss what we find & then decide how many bottles your animal will need. You decide!

It’s THIS SIMPLE to do!

Scanning for animals! from Sandra G Wallace on Vimeo.

You can visit me at my office in Harmony OR if you have several animals~we could arrange a farm visit. Message me to inquire for “travel” scans.

IF distance is a problem, then we can arrange a Hair analysis. If you need a hair analysis look at the videos below to see an example of how to correctly send in a sample to:

PO Box 165, Harmony, NC 28634 Message me to let me know that it’s on its way! OR call 704-880-5782

How to Prepare for Animal Hair Analysis from Sandra G Wallace on Vimeo.


For Farm prices or travel scans, please message or call for pricing. I have to consider the details to make it fair for you & myself.

Office visits to me are: $45 for scan & consultation.

$35 for more than one

All natural Infoceutical drops are $27 per bottle.




Here is Little Miss Ellie the Yorkie! She came to me one evening not feeling well AT ALL! By the time she went to bed, Miss Ellie was almost back to herself. Animals respond so quickly because they don’t have as much emotional “junk” to hinder their corrections. 🙂


Some of “our” life. mak-and-horsecaleb-kittycalvescalf-nanadog-amelia




BLOOPER! Interrupted videoing by BO!! from Sandra G Wallace on Vimeo.