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Did you move away from Home?

I believe most of us moved from our childhood homes, though not all of us very far. Have you ever heard or maybe you, yourself have said, “You know, the closer I get to home, the better I feel. I breath better, have more energy, sleep better, don’t hurt as bad! ” It really is “All in your head!” Let me explain:

The Accupuncture test point in the top of your head (where your little “soft” spot would have been) is called the GV20. This is a point that is tested to see if you’re balanced or grounded .It’s also the point that allows your body to send “healing” messages/energy flow/instructions, throughout your whole system! It tells me whether your body can keep a healthy homostasis- or healthy balance.

It can be thrown off by all the wireless/sattelite/cell/radio signals that we’re bombarded with everyday-and can’t get away from. Did you know that it can also be thrown off by traveling? You’re traveling over mineral deposits, underground rivers and caves at sometimes 70 mph! AND in different weather conditions!

Can it be corrected??? Yes. If a scan shows this needs to be rebalanced, there are infoceutical drops that are called Polarity or Body Field Alignment. (PL or BFA).

Stay posted and we’ll discover more as we go on!

To be continued…………..

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