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Cheer up Your Bathing Mood with Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Some people are shower people & some people are "die hard" bath soakers! I will confess up front. I am a soaker! My bath time is, to me, more about relaxing, balancing my mind & washing off all the day's stresses. I just want peace & tranquility~not so much about being physically clean~which is just another side effect of soaking! 

I am about to give you some hints on making a few, simple, inexpensive changes to your bathroom to completely cheer up your bathing mood!

1) Clean the bathroom~if you have time. That way, you won't be in the tub looking around saying to yourself, "I really need to clean this bathroom! If it's clean, then you're mind is going to ease with one less worry. 

2) Have a focal point. BE SURE to have something in your bathroom that you love to look at. It may be a beach scene, a flower garden or just a family portrait. Personally, I have a cottage & garden scene in mine, because I'm from the country & that represents peace to me. NOTE: I don't like people staring  at me~even if it is a photograph! lol

bathroom view

3) Candles. I personally don't like to burn candles. I really don't know what the ingredients in the candles are. So I like to use battery operated candles. My favorite ones are the ones that look like they're flickering like a real candle without all the "off gases" from a real fragranced or dyed candle. Here are some tricks that I use to create a relaxed atmosphere without burning candles but still use some of the gorgeous designer candles you might find on sale.


4) Pretty towels or just clean fresh towels. Folded pretty on the side of the tub. Most of us can't get away to a spa & hot tub~BUT we can pretend. Make our body & mind believe that we're being treated to a special occasion.

5) Music. I love to have a little music or sounds on that do NOT make me think. That "soothe the soul" so to speak. You can get on www.pandora.com & create your own station. Nature sounds, soft jazz, classical or anything you like that brings happy, relaxed memories. I have the free version & I really don't get that many commercials thrown in. I have the app put on my phone so I can access it at any time. 

What you may not realize is the brain responds continuously to what you see, hear, touch, taste & smell. So far, we have calmed & soothed 3 of the 5.

6) Create your basic bath water by adding 1/2 to 1 cup of Espom Salts or Living Clay. These will allow you to add any fragrances to your water without them stinging the skin. 

epsom salt

7) Aroma. I like to add 5-10 drops of essential oils to my bath water~but ONLY therapeutic grade oils that I have knowledge & confidence that they have been raised & distilled so as not to add a toxic load to me body. (Hey! I'm trying to get rid of stuff NOT soak in something that is going to add to my burden! ) Lavender, Release & Transformation are incredible oils to help you process your emotions of the day. Helps the body to let go of negative feelings that have stored in your body & taken so much of you energy.

Now, get in. Breathe deeply. Relax & let the worries of the day just melt off into the bath. Rejuvenated Don't you feel like we've taken the right steps to Cheer up your bathing mood with aromatherapy essential oils?

Here is an amazing kit to help you process your emotions & become more balanced.

feelings-oilsClick HERE to ask me any questions that you might have about this article or maybe just to get started using essential oils.

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