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Does your GPS work?

(Don’t you wish you felt this good? They are “goofy”!)

Do you sleep good? Have alot of energy? FEEL healthy? Or restless, sluggish and just plain don’t feel “right”? Digestion like a rock? I have some clients tell me they feel “disconnected” from life in a weird sort of way…NOT GROUNDED.

The first things that is measured in the NES Health scan is your PL (Polarity) and BFA (Body Field Alignment). These two drops both deal (with a little “tweak” on both) with how well your body can deal with your surroundings. Aka: weather changes, geographical locations, weather patterns. (Ever hurt more when rain’s coming?) Also, how well do you tolerate electromagnetic signals. (Feel nervous and strange when you sit in front of a computer for a while?) How well your body cooperates even with the gravity pull of where you’re living or working?

What are electromagnetics signals? Alot of those things that we didn’t have to deal with very much until only a few years ago! (Showing my age!!) Cell phone signals/towers, heavy duty electrical wires, wireless everything and constant signals from our car’s computers. These are manmade frequencies and signals. Are these causing static on YOUR radio?

The immune system was designed to deal with “natural” frequencies from nature. Frequencies that are given off by underground rivers, caves, lakes and mineral deposits. Which in the beginning of time, we were riding over them on camels, donkies or walking. WAY slower pace than we’re doing now. (Jet lag or just worn out when you leave home to run errands or return home?) Any wonder why so many of us are not feeling well?

The immune system needs to have time to adjust itself. To hear clear signals in your body in order to pass on those messages to our organs and systems. It’s hard for it to do that while constantly trying to clear up “its radio stations!”

PL and BFA are designed to help clear up static. They allows your bodyfield to send and receive healing messages! Think about how many important functions are going on above the neck! (Telling your body where to send nutrients and vitamins for the best use!)

An easy way to remember this…YOUR HUMAN GPS system! Will it turn on? Will it talk to you and tell you where to go? Does it know where you are? Does it have maps loaded? If not, then how are you getting there?

Consider clearing up your personal GPS system! It may make a world of difference in how you feel AND help you get  where you’re going!

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