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Need a Better Attitude? Then TUNE-UP!!

Being a natural healthcare practitioner, I’m willing to help anyone-saved or not. But since The Lord called me to this vocation, I have a responsibility to inform you of some VERY IMPORTANT things to help you improve your ability to help you serve Him better.

You NEVER learn everything in this business- or in life for that matter.  So here I am in the middle of another “lesson” and want to pass it on to you.

The human body operates off “frequencies” in every function, system and organ.  For instance, I’m reading in my Reference Guide to Essential Oils-that two men were each holding a cup of coffee.  Their before measurement was 66 MHz .  The first individual just HELD the cup of coffee and his frequency dropped to 58MHz.  He then inhaled essential oils and it returned to NORMAL within 21 seconds!!!  The second male took a sip of his coffee and his frequency dropped to 52 MHz.  No essential oils were used.  It took 3 DAYS for his frequencies to return to the initial 66 MHz!  Three days!

Quickly consider the NES infoceuticals. For instance, if you have thyroid imbalances-you would need something over 100 million MHz. That’s the frequency you get when you take a    drop of EI9 for the Thyroid meridian!  You’re regulating  your frequencies that have somehow been “knocked” off by something in your life that was too much for your immune system to handle. (Be it chemical, toxic or emotional shock).

I gave you these quick descriptions in order to make my point.  Did you know, that NEGATIVE thoughts lower your body by 12MHz?  And that  POSITIVE thoughts RAISE you by 10 MHz?!  But HERE IS THE CLINCHER: Prayer and meditation increased the measured frequencies by 15 MHz!

This is just quantum science coming full circle PROVING what The Word of God has been telling us all along: Proverbs 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence: for out of it are the issues of life.  !!

God has given us HIS WORD to help us immediately start healing (physical or spiritually).  He has also, given us “things” to help us along.  Infoceuticals, essential oils, homeopathics, herbs, etc. to use on a daily basis in order to help our bodies have an easier enviroment to operate on. A house cleaned a little each day is easier to maintain that a house seen to every other month.  Same with your body!

By  maintaining something good for my body-even a little each day…I’m finding that I’m not as effected by hurts, disappointments and worry like I used to be.  This done, by staying in communication with The Lord, drops, essential oils and a “little” exercise.  I’ve been hurt deeply this week by a situation and I’m amazed at how much “differently” I’ve perceived this than I would have months before!! (For the better)!

How about you?  Want to serve The Lord more consistantly?  Not, crash with every hurt and disappointment and stay down?  NOOOO!!!!  You don’t.  So start building up and tuning YOU back to a workable frequency.  I’ve given you several places to start with The Lord being FIRST.

OOPS!  There are NO excuses left!  You have the ability right now with you to start for the better.  No Bible?  No oils? No infoceuticals?  Ahhhh…..you have the ability to pray and as The Lord for help with you at ALL times.

Now.  Go. Right now.  And start your TUNE-UP!




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